Huge Haul for July from Snoe Beauty, Super Sale Bazaar, SM Store and Digital Traincase

This month is a month full drags and lulls which resulted to impulsive buying.  The products in this post are those that were mostly bought this week.

From SM Store:
E.L.F. Studio single eyeshadows in Amethyst and Raspberry Truffle, PhP124.75 each
E.L.F. Studio Eybrow Liner and Filler in Medium, PhP249.75

From the Super Sale Bazaar:
L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Gleaming Bronze, PhP350.00
Physician's Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, PhP450.00

From Digital Traincase:
Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder, PhP400.00
NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow palette, PhP300.00
NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Natural, PhP300.00

I also bought an almost complete set of makeup from this particular brand when I went to SM.  But I won't be divulging the brand until I post my 1-brand makeup tutorial on Youtube.  As for the Physician's Formula, I've been looking for that since I saw that from Hollyannaeree.  I got myself an Infallible eyeshadow because I lost the one I had.  I got a different shade this time though. Yesterday, I went to Digital Traincase to buy the Shiseido baby powder.  I totally regret not buying it during the Supersale bazaar.  Truth be told, I really don't know what I'm gon do with it and when I'm gon use it.  I just bought it because it's one of those cheap items from Shiseido.  I also got myself a NYX cream blush in Natural which was recommended to me by Rhania.  And since I can't get enough of palettes, I got another small palette from NYX.  I swear, it's really impossible to leave empty handed at Digital Traincase!

Awesome Poresome set, PhP799.00
Hair Heroes Amplify conditioner, PhP599.00
Hair Heroes Drunker Master shampoo, PhP599.00
Shoo-zit Dip&Dry, PhP499.00
Snoe Green Papaya Beauty Bar, PhP139.00
Awesome Poresome Beauty Bar, PhP199.00

I've been stalking Snoe Beauty for awhile now.  But I just bought their products recently because I couldn't decide what to buy.  I actually wanted to buy all their products.  Their packaging is so enticing!  I have set my eyes on the Awesome Poresome set because I have big pores on my nose and the sides of my nose.  Then one thing led to another and I ended up PhP3,000 poorer and PhP3,000 worth of products richer!

From Super Sale Bazaar:
S&H wedge sneakers, PhP1,200.00

I bought the shoes at S&H because I've been wanting an Isabel Marant wedge sneakers.  But since it costs more than 1 grand (and I'd really rather buy a Louboutin or just a new bag than wedge sneakers of the same price), I decided to buy the one from S&H.  I saw this randomly at the SuperSale bazaar.  It was always one of those stalls that I ignored during bazaars.  But the wedge sneakers caught my attention when we were on our way out.  Lawrence gave me a go signal to buy it since the price is reasonable anyway.  And besides, I only get to wear it on weekends!

Hayan Korea Cosmetics Beauty Set, PhP700.00

I couldn't stop thinking about this beauty set from Hayan the first time I went to their store.  However, I didn't buy it the first time I saw it because my mind was set on something else and I didn't want to overspend.  One week later, I went back to Hayan to buy the set!  This set is a good buy for PhP700.00 since you're getting a lot of stuff!  Plus, I'm almost out of moisturizer so I got this just in time!  The set also includes 8 brushes which are not that bad.  I think I'll be bringing the cosmetic case with me to work and leave it there.  The size is perfect.  Not too big (bulky) but not too small.

Just let me know which of these products you'd want me to review!

Happy Sunday, everyone!






  1. hi ms. Gem :) nice loot!!! where is hayan located? can't seem to find them in sm north and trinoma :/ thanks :)

  2. I don't think they have branches there. Sa Starmall Edsa ako nagpunta :)

  3. ang dami crush ko yung shoes ms gem =) i saw pink sa blog ni ms martha =)

  4. Crush ko rin yung shoes ko :) i think yung kay Martha is from skechers. I got mine sa supersale bazaar. Cheaper cos local brand ata. Pero ok na rin cos di ko naman halos nagagamit :)

  5. yes ms gem i like the color nung shoes kahit anung kulay ng damit babagay =)


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