Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick*

I received my Colour Collection Vitamin E lipsticks from Sample Room a few weeks ago.  I immediately opened the lipsticks to see the shades.

Pinkish Nude, Kissmark, and Red Wine

swatch: Red Wine, Kissmark, and Pinkish Nude

I tested these lipsticks the following day.  The first lipstick that I tried was Red Wine.  It has a satin finish which I love!  Satin and Matte are the kinds of lipstick that I love the most.  I love how Red Wine brightens up my face without putting too much makeup.  Upon looking at the tube, I actually thought I wasn't going to like it because it appears dark.  Even when I swatched it, I thought I wasn't going to like it because I had a particular red in mind.  However, when I applied it on my lips  I instantly loved it!  Red Wine is close to MAC Diva when worn on my lips.  Diva is just a tad darker.  Red Wine is also close to MAC Pro Longwear lipcreme in Persuasive.

Red Wine on my lips

The photo above was taken last week when I was in Opus.  This was about 3 hours after I applied Red Wine and drank a glass of Vodka Sprite.  I love how it looks on my lips.  What I love most thought is that it stayed on my lips after drinking vodka.  I was expecting it wear off but it didn't - at least not that easily.  It faded a bit but it's not that obvious basing on the picture.  I applied the lipstick at 10pm and when I got home at 3am, the lipstick still looked like that in the photo.  Once it wears off completely, it leaves your lips a just bitten shade.

Kissmark on my lips

I wasn't able to take a decent picture of me wearing Kissmark.  But I wore this when I had dinner at Wingman and bumped into Phoebe (hello, dear!).  This lipstick is matte but easily glides on to my lips.  It doesn't tug which impressed me.  As for the shade, it reminds me of my MAC Viva Glam Nicki and MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Love Forever.  I also like the fact that it's not drying on my lips despite of its matte texture.  Most matte lipsticks are drying.  But this one isn't.

Pinkish Nude on my lips

Among the three lipsticks, Pinkish Nude is the lipstick that I was expecting to love.  I love nude lipsticks.  I think I have enough to last me a lifetime!  I'm glad though that I have another one to add to my collection.  Pinkish Nude is sheer though and quite frankly, I'm not a fan of sheer lipsticks.  My lips are reddish pink in nature and applying Pinkish Nude only evens out my lips which makes it look like my lips but better.  Just a tad bit.  But I'd appreciate it more if this shade wasn't Sheer.  Sheer lipsticks also do not last that long on me.  However, this shade is something I'd wear on a daily basis.  After all, it still gives life to my dull face. Haha!  I can imagine myself wearing this mostly in the office.  I can't think what Pinkish Nude is a dupe of right now since most of the nude lipsticks I have are leaning more on the brown side.  But I'm sure this could be a dupe of other expensive lipsticks out there!

- all three shades are wearable day and night
- stays for about 5-6 hours
- shades could be a dupe for other high end lipsticks!
- affordable at PhP330 per tube
- no strong scent

- I'm not sure if Colour Collection has an actual store. You might need to buy from a direct seller

But lo and behold!  You can get these three lipsticks at Sample Room for free!  Yes, for free!  Just sign up and click 'get a sample' and it will be deliver right at your doorstep!






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