Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

For women who love makeup, one can never have just ONE foundation at a time.  Never.  I have never met anyone who loves makeup and has only one foundation.

Well, why is that?  From the word itself "foundation" - we have to have a good foundation to reach that flawless skin.  More often than not, you don't just get lucky and find your HG foundation on your very first purchase.  Unlikely.  But hey, if you did, then good for you!

I have tried different kinds of foundation - from powder to liquid.  I must say that I prefer liquid foundation because I like full coverage most of them time.  I don't always have the time to retouch so full coverage foundation is the way to go.  For me, at least.

But full coverage could sometimes turn cakey or too made up.  Whereas light coverage could just be a waste of money because, well, it only gives light/sheer coverage.  It's like you know you have something on your face but it doesn't feel and seem like second skin.

Last year, brands have started releasing foundations which claim to be like second skin.  (Okay, I might be wrong with this information but it was only last year when I've heard of "naked skin, barely there, nearly naked foundation etc etc" You get the idea.)

Urban Decay is known for their Naked line.  Last year, they released Naked Skin Foundation.  From the name itself, it's pretty much self explanatory what it claims.  I wanted to get my hands on it the month it was released.  But it wasn't possible since Urban Decay doesn't ship internationally.  I was lucky that I had a friend who was in the states at the time this product was released.  So, without hesitation, I told my friend to buy one for me.

Swatch at the back of my palm.
It looks a bit dark for my skin tone.

See how it blends perfectly.

Now, the tricky part was choosing the right shade.  I searched for swatches online because the Naked Skin Foundation had one too many shades.  I was torn between 3.5 to 4.5 cos basing from the swatches, it was the one nearest to my skin tone.  Luckily, I watched one of Hollyannaeree's videos and she mentioned this product specifically.  We are both NC35 and she got the shade No.5 because basing the shades from the bottle is not reliable.  Once applied on the face, the foundation perfectly blends on your face and is a bit lighter.  Something like that.  So, shade No.5 it is!

Bare face. Que horror!

Naked Skin Foundation applied on my face.

I posted an ugly photo of mine to show how great this foundation is.  And when I say ugly, I meant it's a face with bad breakouts.  My skin is not perfect.  Yes, I think I am lucky that my skin is smoother than the others and that I'm not that prone to pimples.  But it doesn't mean I don't breakout.  Everyone gets zits.  Anyway.  The second photo is a photo of me wearing the Naked Skin Foundation. See how it was able to almost even out my skin tone.  It goes to show that this foundation gives full coverage.  Another amazing thing is even if it's full coverage, it doesn't feel heavy on your face.  Not at all!  You can still see some of the marks (since those are really dark spots) and bumps but that's just fine with me.  No kidding, it does look like second skin.  Please also take note that I didn't set it with powder.  This foundation dries matte and you can go without setting it with a powder.

To summarize why I love Naked Skin Foundation:
- it gives full coverage
- no need to set the foundation with powder
- if you set it with powder, it works with any loose powder
- blends perfectly on my skin (the shade stays true - doesn't turn light or dark on my skin)
- no bad scent
- didn't give me any breakout
- doesn't give a white cast
- doesn't feel heavy on my facial skin (maybe it's water based?)
- comes in a lot of different shades.. A LOT!
- sleek packaging (comes with a pump which is such a plus)

What I don't like about it:
- expensive (this retails for USD39.00 + tax)
- has too many shades which looks almost but not quite the same
- not available in the Philippines
- has a 6m expiration from the time you first use it! Boo! (but I still use mine cos it still doesn't give off a weird smell telling me it's already expired)

As we speak, I have found my HG foundation.  I honestly don't mind paying USD39 for this because it's worth it!  It just sucks that it's not widely available here and I have to rely on online sellers - in which case, they don't even have this shade.  With that said, I don't think I will use this on my clients because it's hard get my hands on this product. Hehe!

I definitely recommend this product.  You will not regret buying this, trust me =)

Have a great week ahead, ladies!







  1. oooh, the finish look so nice ^_~ your bare face look good naman ah =) Too bad, its not locally available and I don't want to pay $$$ just for the shipping and lousy custom fees >_<

  2. wow ms gem,,, so flawless ng coverage! =) parang natural lang =) im happy po! i got my charm brushes too =) yung katulad po nung pinost nyo sa twitter! (thank you to ms rowena and ms sophie) excited ako sa review nyo po hihi =)

  3. @Janet: thanks! I just hope meron na mag-franchise ng UD here in Manila :)

  4. @Rhania: I'll post the review soon! Di ko nagawa last Sunday cos nag-garage sale kami :)


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