Products Empties for March 2013

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Hello, ladies! I was finally able to upload a video on Youtube after months of going MIA.  But still know, that even though I am/was MIA - I still think about this blog and think of what to blog or review next.

Anyway, I had a fantastic week because it was my birthday week!  New beauty/makeup products to review and an upcoming giveaway, too!

But before the upcoming reviews and giveaway, let me talk about the products that I have used up in March.  I've seen this video first from Hollyannaeree and I thought it was a good as well.

1. Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation. This is, by far, the  best drugstore liquid foundation I have tried.  I was hesistant to try this at first because you can really see the shimmers in the bottle.  But once applied on the face, the shimmers are not that obvious anymore.  It gives the right sheen to your face which is a plus for some people.  Truth be told, I love and hate the sheen just because there were times when I want my face to look really matte.  This gives full coverage which is always a plus for foundation! Another thing that makes me love this product so much is the fact that I always get compliments when I am using this liquid foundation.  Always.  Never fails.

2. Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation. It sucks that I only had a sampler size for this.  This is similar to Revlon's Photoready in a sense that they both give sheen to you skin.  However, Stila gives a light to medium coverage.

3. Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.  I've been using this makeup remover for years now. It's not the best makeup remover out there.  However, since this product is accesible, I tend to go back to this product every time I ran out of liquid makeup removers.  I don't recommend using this alone to remove your makeup.  I always use this with a cleansing oil.  This remover is for my eyes while the cleansing oil is mainly for the rest of my face and other residue in my eyes that the Maybelline makeup remover wasn't able to remove.  This product is affordable and widely available that's why it's such a no brainer for me to buy this every now and then.

4.  Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel.  I was never a fan of moisturizer because it always felt greasy on my face.  So, imagine how happy I was when I found out that there was a water-based moisturizer!  As far as I can remember, the first water-based moisturizer I tried was VMV's moisturizer.  I no longer remember how it fared on me but I never bought another bottle when I finished the first one I bought.  The next one that I tried was Celeteque - and I loved it!  I love the price too because it's very affordable! when I finished Celeteque, I decided to try a more expensive one which was Neutrogena.  But I was in luck when I bought Neutrogena because it came with a free cleansing oil!  I totally love the Hydroboost Gel! I just wish it's more affordable.  But nonetheless, I love the cooling effect it leaves on my face!

5. Dove Shampoo and Conditioner. The first time I tried this was when I received sachets from Chatime when I bought milk tea.  I instantly loved it because of the smell and how soft my hair felt.  I will definitely repurchase these products!

6.  Beauche whitening soap (not in photo).  Almost every lady wants fairer skin.  Yes, I also want my skin to be fairer than it already is.  This was recommended by my officemate.  It retails for PhP38.00 so I gave ti a try since it's pretty affordable for a Papaya soap.  It has a mild nice scent but it melts easily so be sure that you keep this at a dry soap container.  I did not notice any huge difference on my skin that is why I bought another soap bar.  I'm hoping against hope that it's going to make my skin lighter!

Watch my first Products Empties video on Youtube!

So, that's it for my March Product Empties!  I hope more people will do this, too, because it's such an interesting read!

Happy weekend, ladies!






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  1. i love using dove duos in pink =) now currently switched  back to sunsilk and creamsilk =(


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