Food Escapade at IHOP

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Last March 1, I went to IHOP with my mom and nephew for a very early dinner.  I wasn't that hungry yet when we got there because I had late lunch who was visiting from Glendale.  We went to American Eagle Outfitters first (it was the grand opening as well) to check out the prices then went to IHOP to wait for a table.

We were number 33 but was actually only 3rd on the waitlist.  I wonder why they kept the waitlist numbers like that.  It could be very ambiguous thinking you're actually the 33rd person waiting for a table.

We waited for more or less 10 minutes for our table.  But this was around 4-4:30pm.  Too late for merienda and too early for dinner.  This was probably why we didn't wait that long. I heard stories that some people waited for two hours for a table.

What's IHOP anyway?  IHOP means International House of Pancakes.  Yeh, they have different varieties of pancakes and have 4 syrups readily available on each table.  They serve breakfast food all day.

Stack Bacon, PhP295

2pc pancake (comes with Stack Bacon)

Junior Grilled Cheese Sanwich, PhP175

the mandatory vanity shot with
my refillable Iced Coffee, PhP135

My order was the Stack Bacon.  Mom ordered the grilled cheese sandwich.  My nephew ordered Original Pancakes which was around PhP195 and a large chocolate milk for about PhP100.  I wasn't able to take photos of my nephew's orders though because he ate them right away.  Haha.

I like the food that I ordered.  But I also like American breakfast as much as I like Filipino breakfast.  I love bacon so much I think I can eat it everyday until I die.  But then again, I never met anyone who doesn't like bacon.  Comparing IHOP Philippines to IHOP US, it seems like there are more options here than the menu in the US.  Taste wise, I really can't remember because I haven't eaten at IHOP in along time (prior to dining at IHOP Philippines).  I was looking for hash browns on the menu but unluckily, I didn't find it.  I'm pretty much sure they serve it, I just didn't find it.  I will have that on my next visit to IHOP.

The price range is okay.  Do not expect it to be cheap because this diner is, after all, a franchise from a different country.  Yes, it's more expensive than other breakfast diners out there but IHOP's portions are pretty much bigger than a normal Filipino serving.  Unless you order this dish where you get a piece of almost every breakfast meal (sausage, egg, pancake, and a strip of bacon).  Now, you know that's expensive for the price of PhP300.  Around that price.  Then again, it's relative.  If you just want a piece of every breakfast food, you will order it no matter what happens.  That was actually my first choice.  But I was sold when I saw the Stack Bacon!

The taste it okay.  It's breakfast food.  I'm not a chef and has never had proper training in the kitchen but I'm not sure if you can spice up breakfast food so much to the point that it won't taste like breakfast food - or what it's supped to taste like.  What I mean is, if IHOP serves you strips of bacon, don't expect it to taste grand like it's the best bacon in the world.  It's bacon, for Pete's sake.  I guess what I'm trying to say here is that IHOP serves breakfast food.  Yes, it tastes good just like how breakfast food should taste.  Just don't have expectations that it's the best breakfast diner ever because breakfast diner basically offers the same food.  I'm only saying this because I've heard several comments on IHOP not being able to deliver the taste - whatever that means; that IHOP's price is a rip-off etc etc.  What's funny is that those are people that have not tried IHOP in the states. And even if they did, as I've said, it's breakfast food.  It's not fair to say something like that to a newly opened diner.  But hey, to each his own.

So yeh, I will definitely go back to IHOP.  Maybe soon or not anytime soon.  I'm just glad that IHOP is now here in Manila.

IHOP is located almost across Nike's flagship store at Bonifacio Global City.

Happy weekend!







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