Ask Gem Anything - March 2013

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Hi, everyone!  Here's another batch of Ask Gem Anything.  I think I accidentally deleted some of the e-mails I received.  But here are the questions I was able to find on my e-mail and Twitter.  Thanks for the question!

1.  Kayo po ba talaga ni Ms. Char ang nag-umpisa ng 500 makeup challenge kasi halos hindi naman nababanggit sa youtube na sa inyo galing ni ms. char yung idea.

I'd like to think we're the ones that started it cos we talked about it on Twitter and both of our accounts are set to public.  If there was someone else that started it, I really don't know and I can't answer for them.  All I know is that Char and I talked about doing something similar to the 20-dollar makeup challenge and uploaded videos a week or two after planning it.

2.  Which do you prefer? Nichido or Ever Bilena?

This is kind of hard to answer because I think the only time I used Nichido was during the 500 Peso Makeup Challenge that Char and I started.  I find Nichido's eyeshadows to be chalky.  Their face powder has light coverage.  As for Ever Bilena, I like their matte lipsticks regardless of the lack of staying power.

3.  Gamit namanpo kayo ng makeup products na available dito.  And sana po, try nyo mag-upload ng video tutorial mas madalas.  More power to your blog and youtube!

Gumagamit naman po ako ng products that are available here.  Actually, I'm planning to make a video about using products that are widely available here.  I'm still working on my schedule to be able to film frequently.

4. How are you able to find makeup products that are not available here kagaya nung Maybelline palettes?  Gusto ko rin ma-try if dito mo lang nibili.  Pls let me know where and how!

Hi,  my mom hoarded for me when they were in the states last year.  Then the other makeup products were from my relatives or pabili ko rin cos they were here for the holidays.  Nagpabili rin ako sa friend ko when she was out of the country.  As for the Maybelline palettes, I've never seen it being sold here yet - not even at bazaars.  But you can try your luck.  I'll post it here on my blog if I ever see one :)

5. You and your fiance look so cute together! So bagay! May brother ba si fiance? Hehehe
BTW, has anyone ever told you that you have a certain angle where you look a lot like Ruffa Mae Quinto? :)

Thank you so much! Yes, he has an older brother and he is single!!  As for the Ruffa Mae Quinto look-alike, yes I got that feedback severals times.  Even my boyfriend tells me so :)

6. Gawa ka na lang ng account instead of us sending you an e-mail or tweeting your for questions.

I'll see.  More accounts mean more accountabilities. Hehe.  I can hardly keep up na nga with this beauty blog cos I'm really busy.  But I'll see :)

7. Hi.  When are you getting married?  Exact date po.  And will you be inviting your beauty blogger friends?

Hi, I'd love to answer your question but I'd like to keep this private.  I hope you understand, thanks :)

8.  Ms. Gem mag-blog naman po kayo :'(

I will, I will!  Bust langa talga promise.  It's not an excuse!

9.  Ano mas maganda suesh or charm brushes?

I believe they are just as good as the other.  Charm brushes just happen to be closer to my heart because I personally Sophie (the beauty and brains behind it).  But I've also met Sheryl and she's also nice and she was really accomodating when I bought my traincase from her.  I have more Charm brushes so I'm very partial to the brand - and use it often.  As for Suesh brushes, I particularly like their blush brush because it's not made of white bristles.  I prefer the black/brown bristles so at least the residue of blush is not too obvious even after wash.  It's also sold separately.  They are almost the same.  I suggest you try both :)

10.  What's your skin secret?  I've watched all your videos and ang ganda ng skin mo.  Kahit minsan may pimple ka, yung skin mismo ng face mo makinis pa rin.

Hi there.  I really don't have a skin secret.  Truth be told, I don't wash my face every night before going to sleep - unless I'm testing out a new product.  I use Clarisonic from time to time but it only lessened the chance of me having pimples.  But my skin hasn't changed because I started using it.  I even sleep with makeup on when I'm really really lazy.  Right now, I'm using this green tea facial wash from Skinfood and St Ives blackhead facial scrub.  I alternate the two and use Clarisonic.  Sometimes I don't use Clarisonic.  My current makeup remover is Neutrogena (the blue bottle).


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