Experience at Crescens Spa

I received Two PhP1,000 GCs of Cresens Spa from SaladBox last November.  Honestly, this was probably the most worth it items included in the box.  I was contemplating between this and the Butter London nail polish but since the polish was fuchsia, this GC wins by default.

I received the box on the last week of November and the GCs were only valid until December 15 - roughly 2 weeks - which was fine with me.  The services they provide were typed in the GC.  So, I thought that maybe I'd just have the hot stone massage which was for PhP1,600 and maybe some other service that they offer to maximise the PhP2,000 GC.

My boyfriend went with me to the spa to accompany me and wait for me.  When we found the place, there was a signage on the entrance saying "hot stone massage for only PhP800" so I figured, my  boyfriend and I could both use the GC.  We went inside and told the lady at the cashier that we'd try the hot stone massage using the GC.  The lady said I can not use the GC to avail of the hot stone massage for PhP800 only since it was a promo.  She said if i were to use the GC, the regular rates apply!  Come on, why the heck would you have a promo like that?!  And GC is as good as cash dba!  So, I told the lady that I'd just use both GCs (worth PhP2,000) for the massage. You know just to save face and everything. I also said I'll let go of the PhP400 difference since they don't have anything else to offer other than the ones written on the "GC"s.  The lady then said that the GC is good for one transaction only so I can't use both just for me!  Also, I can not use the GC for their other services that is not written on the GC.

Eh, miss, GC ba talga to?  Cos it freaking sounds like a voucher to me!  Hindi na nga kagandahan yung overpriced spa nyo, sobrang dami pa ng terms and condition!

Since we were already there, and it was the last day to use the "GCs" we just went ahead and used it.  the lady even said, "ma'am PhP1,200 na lang naman po ang idadagdag nyo para sa inyo ni sir".  Err, excuse me, hindi pinupulot sa puno ang PhP1,200 iha.

I paid full for a service that was on 50% off.  Gosh, there is something terribly wrong with SaladBox and this spa!  Talk about false advertising!  It seemed like I just gave them GCs that were lost since the GCs were not of any value.  I was charged PhP1,600 for a service that was at that time being offered for PhP800 and we ended up paying PhP1,200.  PhP800 per person which makes our bill PhP1,600.  So, we only saved PhP400.  Tell me, where was the role of the GCs there?

Oh, and by the way - the service was mediocre and disappointing.  Our room was on the second floor.  They made us go down to take a shower on the first floor since the shower room was there.  Apparently, the shower room is just a make shift shower room.  It was like this built-in shower was inside the massage room.  So, what if there was someone inside having a massage?  What, we'd have to wait until that person is done so we can take a shower?  Another thing that annoyed me was their lack of hygiene.  Come on, it's a spa!  They don't even have slipper for the customers!  Lawrence walked up and down our massage room barefoot because he wasn't given slippers.  When I asked for slippers, the lady said the slippers were beside the bed on the floor.  I was sure there was none.  after taking a shower, the lady gave me a pair of slippers - Havaianas slippers with the Havaianas pininho pinned on the strap (which costs PhP1,350 the last time I checked).  It was the lady's freaking slippers!  Hindi ka ba naman lalong mainis nun!  But I couldn't bitch cos I was on my towel. Argh!

Bad experience, I tell you.


  1. That GC was a joke. When I got that GC I was very furious because how can they give us only 2 weeks to use that GC considering that it was the Holiday season. Yun pala may pakulo sila. Tsk Tsk. Wasn't able to use it because I was really busy the entire month.

    I unsubscribed to Saladbox. They're boxes aren't improving, lol.

  2. @ yette: true, the GC was a joke! dba ang GC is usually valid for one year dapat! Haha!

  3. bad experience =( anung purpose ng GCs then? advertisement?


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