Win a BDJ 2013 Planner!*

It's December!  It's gift-giving month!  So to kick off the first week of December, I'm having a GIVEAWAY!

I know you all Bellas have a busy schedule - be it at work or at school!  Yearly planner always comes in handy!  I've been using a planner since high school and I can't imagine my life without a planner.

So, without further ado, I'm giving 1 BDJ 2013 planner!  Yes, a BDJ Planner!

The mechanics are so simple!  Just follow these simple steps:
1.  Follow me (@raregem) and BDJ (@BDJBuzz) on Twitter.
2.  Tweet your answer to this question: What makes BDJ stand out from the other planners?

Tag me and BDJ on your answer!  It should look something like this:
    " BDJ planner stands out because it encourages and inspires women of all ages! @raregem @BDJBuzz #BDJ2013planner"

This giveaway will run from December 4 - 12!  I'll announce the winner on December 14!

So send in your entries and start tweeting now!  Good luck, Bellas!


  1. Seriously, start BLOGGING instead of BRAGGING about your pretentious life. People don't care. Don't you wonder why your online friends don't leave you comments? Using giveaways for people to follow you and comment/like your post is such a pathetic way to beg for attention.

    Oh and be yourself. Stop trying so hard to change your Filipino accent. Everyone hears it. You don't sound like a New Yorker at all. :)

  2. Look, who's pretentious here. You're the one who hasn't revealed your true identity until now - except your IP addess. If you don't like the contents of this blog then why are you spending the wee hours leaving comments here?

    And so what if people do not always leave comments? Did I ever say I was after the comments? There are millions of bloggers. Do you really know what you're talking about "Iya"?

    And about the giveaway, I dare you to contact the people behind BDJ and ask them about this.

    And I never said I sould like a New Yorker. All the more that I'm not trying to change my accent.

    Mind your own business. Get a life or a good sleep at the meantime instead of hating at 2:30am. Such a pathetic way to get my attention :)

  3. "6. Hindi ko maintindihan yung accent mo.
    Hi, don't worry. Minsan hindi ko rin maintindihan yung accent ko. I can go from being a New Yorker to being a FOB. I guess that's the outcome of living in different countries."

    Ahhh HELLO? New Yorker? LOL!!!!!

  4. So what's your point. I said I can. I didn't say I do speak like that on my videos. You obviously misunderstood it.

    Kawawa ka naman that you have to hide under the false names of Iya and Tricia.

    Go ahead keep visiting this blog. Cos as far as I'm concerned, you're just giving me hits every time you visit this site regardless of what you comment here.

  5. Oh my!!! Counting hits, too? LOL. What a pathetic person you really are. :)) I'm not kawawa... You are. :))

  6. Grabe Iya/Tricia, tagal mo naman mag-comment. I'm sure pinagiisipan mo pa kung ano ang next hirit mo sakin.

    Ganto na lang, I darr you for a face off and let's film it. Tignan natin kung sino ang tatagal sa pag-english. Since you bash my accent, why don't you let us hear yours? Oh and if you are a call center agent, talo ka na agad cos yun aral na accent.

    And since you have all the time in the world to leave nasty comments, siguro wala kang trabaho. Pde ka mag-maid. I will refer you to those that need one. Para may silbi naman ang buhay mo.

  7. Counting hits is part of this blog, stupid. But it doesn't make up its entirety.

    So if I'm pathetic, then you're also saying that all those bloggers that have blog counters are pathetic as well.

    Tapos yung ginagawa mo hindi ba pathetic yan? Better get a dictionary so you'd know the definition on pathetic.

    You're just another Jessica Gando. Kawawa ka naman.

  8. LOL!!! Why are you being so combative? Did it hurt? Because you know damn well I'm telling the truth about your weird accent, pretentious life and self-centeredness. :))

  9. No it doesn't hurt. Not one bit. I actually find you amusing cos you're the one that's full of pretensions. :)

  10. Haha... Keep telling yourself that. :))

  11. Ms Iya, whoever you are, just mind your own business.. at saka.. bakit galit na galit ka kay Ms Gem kung wala naman syang gingawang masama sayo?


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