Ask Gem Anything | April - October 2012

Hey ladies! I decided to put back the 'Ask Gem Anything' post because there are times when I can't reply to the queries immediately as much/soon as I want to.

The 'Ask Gem Anything' has been on my drafts since April. so, lets start!

1. Do you use local makeup? Parang puro imported makeup kasi yung ginagamit mo sa video tutorials and sa blog mo?

     Yes, I use local makeup and I have a few BUT I have more imported makeup. I guess it's just a preference.  I tried local makeup before when my addiction to makeup began and later realised that a lot of the local products do not work for me.  Case in point - Ever Bilena.  They only have 3-4 shades of foundation but they all appear too white on my skin once it oxidizes.  Also, I realized that you get what you pay for naman so I guess ok lang.

2.  Bakit tagal mo nawala sa blogging scene?

    Matagal ako nawala sa blogging scene/beauty blogging kasi naging busy ako with work.  I have mad respect to those that have a 9-5 job and can still blog.  Ang galing nila.  I was usually drained when I got home from work so I stopped for a while.  But I never stopped buying makeup.

3.  What camera po gamit nyo to film your videos?

     I use Sony TX10 (digicam)and HP v5560 (videocam).  Sometimes I use my iPhone4s.

4.  Bakit bigla ka nag-youtube eh madami na youtube gurus?

     Believe it or not, I've wanted to be in YouTube since 2009 - since I started beauty blogging.  I even filmed two videos using my netbook's webcam but the outcome was kind of crappy.  I was able to film three videos but they never went live because I never got to edit the videos and as I've said I stopped blogging in 2010.  When I became a LuLu Makeup ambassador, that's when I decided hands down and not buts and excuses to film makeup video tutorials.  Initially it was supposed to be strictly for the LuLu palettes only.  But after filming 2 videos, I kinda got addicted to it. So, yun tuloy tuloy na.

5.  Can you make a video tutorial using affordable local products?

     I have a video up on my YouTube channel about the PhP500 makeup challenge that Char and I came up with.  I'll try filming a video using drugstore products which are also affordable.  But I can not promise that I will film a video tutorial using 100% local products cos I also want to use the products for myself and not just for video tutorial's sake.

6. Hindi ko maintindihan yung accent mo.
     Hi, don't worry.  Minsan hindi ko rin maintindihan yung accent ko.  I can go from being a New Yorker to being a FOB.  I guess that's the outcome of living in different countries.  I, however, can guarantee that it's not pa-cute.  My accent is legit cos I lived in the states for a while.

7.  Please do a boyfriend tag!

     I want to also!  But the boyfriend is shy!

8.  Sino ang favorite YouTube guru mo?

     It's definitely Hollyannaeree! =)

9.  I see you around Makati. Parang you look different in person.  You look better with makeup on.

     Yes, I look different in person all the more if you see me without makeup and I just had facial cleaning.  I admit that I don't always put on makeup.  I'm human.  I get lazy, too.  But I'm glad that I can walk out of the house without makeup cos there are some ladies that can not do that.

10.  Where did you get your clarisonic?

     I got it at Sephora =)

11.  Bakit mo pa pinatulan si Jessica Gando sa Blogger?  Sana hinayaan mo na lang.  Mas nagmukha ka tuloy walang breeding.

     Well, thanks for telling me that I don't have breeding.  If you read the post on my issue about Jessica Gando, I think I also explained it there why I said what I said and why I did what I did.  There are just some instances where the good has to do something wrong so that the bad ones will learn their lesson.  If I didn't do that to her, she wouldn't have stopped.  She was basically stalking my blog for several months prior to that incident.  If you think I don't have breeding because I stoop down to her level, then think that way for all I care.  I was just fighting for myself.

12.  Your tweets are so opinionated.

     I think Twitter was made for that?

13.  Hindi ka ba natatakot na baka magalit sayo ang company X for giving bad reviews about their products?

     Hindi naman.  My reviews are always honest and unbiased.  It has always been the purpose of thie beauty blog aside sharing my passion for beauty.  If company X is offended with my review, I think they should focus more on improving their product instead of going after me.  I just think that people deserve to know if a product actually works or not.  But if you read my blog, I frequently mention that I am acidic and this and that - which might contribute to the varying effect of the product.

14.  When are you having the next giveaway? I want that Bobbi Brown book so bad!

     Soon =)

15.  Siguro mayaman ka :)

     Ay hindi po, simpleng mamamayan lang po ako =)

16. What cam gamit mo when you take photos?

     iPhone4s or my Sony digicam.

17.  I think you're really cool to hang out with.  Can we meet up?

     I often go to bazaars. You can catch me there I guess or when LuLu makeup will have an event again =)






  1. LOL @ Q&A No. 6! :))
    "Hi, don't worry. Minsan hindi ko rin maintindihan yung accent ko. I can go from being a New Yorker to being a FOB. I guess that's the outcome of living in different countries. I, however, can guarantee that it's not pa-cute. My accent is legit cos I lived in the states for a while."

    Actually mas naririnig ko yung Filipino accent and pagka lisp mo. Living in the states doesn't mean you'll have American accent. And ang layo mo din sa New Yorker. People in NY don't speak like that! Dami mong excuses and stories/alibis kaya nakakatawa! LOL!!!

  2. Hi Tricia! It's not an excuse/alibi. I also did not claim that I have a New Yorker accent. I only said that to prove a point because the way I speak changes when I talk to different people. New Yorkers don't have a distinct accent. And FYI, living in the states does give you an accent given if you lived there on your younger years.

  3. Hello again! Well, there's nothing wrong with your accent. Lahat naman merong accent. I just find it funny because you have to mention that your accent varies from "being a NEW YORKER to being a FOB." In that case, I think you're talking about FOBS in NY. Tumira ka nga sa US pero ang tagal mo na dito sa Philippines. "Magpakatotoo ka sister!" LOL ;)) Kaya nga super edited videos mo... Ang daming cut kasi lagi ka naFo-Fob out.

  4. Yeh, I may have been here for awhile but it no longer drastically changes the way I speak since my friends here also grew up abroad. Yeh, we speak tagalog just as much as we speak English. The videos are edited because I have the tendency to stammer alot due to my lisp and not because I fob out. It doesnt even have anything to do with that. Whether you believe it or not, the videos are not super edited.


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