Celeteque Dermoscience Products Review

We all have our bad facial days.  We all encounter we it once in awhile!  Some don't break out too much while some break out like hell!  I consider myself lucky that I still have good skin - no invisible scars that can only be seen by those high-tech machines.  But I still break out sometimes and also because I wear makeup and I have my lazy days when I sleep wearing makeup.

I've seen Celeteque in Sm Department Stores.  But I never really tried it.  I guess it just never really caught my attention that much and as I've said, my facial skin is not acne-prone.  So, I always ditched it every time I see it on the counters.

Then I attended Kristine Smithson's makeup workshop and she used Celeteque's facial moisturizer.  And wow, I love how it felt on my face.  At that time, I was using VMV's creamy moisturizer and I gotta admit, it's not the best moisturizer out there - to think that it's non-comedogenic.  But you know, I continued using it because I have two bottles of it.  Sayang naman, right!

But in June, I finally gave in and tried Celeteque.  It wasn't as expensive as I thought.

Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Cleansing Gel.  This cleansing gel is part of their Acne Solutions line.  Although I don't break out a lot, I still chose this one because I had a zit when I bought this.  I don't remember how much this is but it's only around PhP100-150.  The gel is water-based and it's clear. Although it doesn't turn as foamy as other cleansing gels, it's okay.  I like this because it gives me this clean feeling after wash.  But this isn't the best facial wash that I've tried.  I usually use this with my Clarisonic Mia.  However, this facial wash didn't stop me from getting zits.  It didn't minimize the zits that I got either.

Celeteque Brightening Dark Spot Corrector. This is the most expensive item I bought from Celeteque. This costs PhP335.  However, I got this on sale with a 20% discount.  I decided to buy this because I have tiny dark spots (pimples that finally dried out) that fades way too slowly.  This cream/gel is white but disappears on your skin once applied.  Is it effective?  Well, not one bit.  Doesn't work for me at all.  Such a waste of money.

Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer. Among all the items I bought from Celeteque, this is by far the one that I like the most.  I like it so much that I will re-purchase when I'm done with it and Neutrogena water gel(?).  This moisturizer is water based.  It doesn't feel sticky on my face and I like the cooling sensation it give on my face when I apply it.  However, it is a bit runny so be careful on applying it.  I don't think I break out from this product.  With that, I meant this isn't the cause of my breaking out.  Although I don't notice not breaking out by using this product as well. My blackheads and whiteheads didn't lessen either.  And this is supposed to be non-comedogenic.  Other than that, I still like this product.

Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel.  You're supposed to put this gel on your pimples and it's supposed to mellow it down or dry it out a bit.  If you put too much, it can sting a tiny bit but the sting is tolerable.  But just like the dark spot corrector, this one doesn't work either.  And I can swear on this because I use other acne spot corrector products.  I don't remember how much this is..  probably around PhP250 or so.  Up to date the best acne spot corrector I've tried is the one from Belo and it's around PhP350.  So I think I'll just stick to that.

So, over all I was a bit frustrated with the Celeteque products.  I mean, it's obviously done in mass production so perhaps the chemicals are a bit compromised or they're not as concentrated as they're supposed to be.  This is why I hate listening to the hype.  Cos 70% of the time, it is what it is - just a hype and not because the products actually work.

So, I guess I'll just stick to the usual suspects - Belo, Neutrgena, and Flawless.






  1. Hi doll, I have a product recommendation for you that has salicylic acid in it ( which help zap zits and lighten dark spots too ). Try using the Garnier Pure Active Anti Imperfections Roll On. I swear, you'll love it! It lightened some of my dark spots and got rid of the early signs of hormonal zits.

    Followed your blog and channel ^_^




  2. I just stumbled upon your blog as i was looking for reviews about the celeteque line. I believe that your opinion is entirely wrong regarding the mass production of the product (in the last paragraph of your blog). Every product produced that is available in the market to day is produced in large quantity, but still it is produced in a proportional quantity based on the bulk of the production. Didn't you know that? Plus every product that is available in the market is undergoes quality check before it is released in the market. So I guess the product is just not fit for you, don't blame the production of the product for the inadequate results you have had. Baka hindi lang talaga hiyang sayo.

  3. i've tried using the facial moisturizer from celeteque twice and it's good but the thing is it doesn't really blend with my facial cream.

  4. Mejo hit or miss talaga ang Celeteque based from my experience.

  5. The Acne Spot Corrector Gel worked on my pimp marks. Sad to know that it failed you.

  6. I only like their lip balm =) I agree with you,Tried other products from them mas ok pa ang ibang brand na mas mura and surely ang effect i mean kung ano ang sinasabi sa label yun ang makukuha mo.

  7. Can you recommend cheap and effective facial moisturizers?I have combination skin. :) I was planning on trying Celeteque's because of your review but I read in the comments that it was not for her. :(


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