What's in store for May 2012 Commenter of the Month

It's another day of a new month!  New goodies await the commenter of the month for May!

Avant Garde false eyelashes
Etude House nail polish in Nude
Fasio lipgloss in Honey Beige
Forever Sunshine hand lotion
Sephora two-way mirror
Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution Book

It's so easy to become Rarevanity's Commenter of the Month!  All you have to do is follow me on social network sites (which is done one time only) and comment on my blog posts!  Those who will like and subscribe to my YouTube channel will be given extra points on being the commenter of the month!

Below are the easy mechanics:
1. Follow rarevanity.net on Google Friend Connect (GFC)
2. Follow me on Twitter:    twitter.com/raregem
3. Like my page on Facebook:     facebook.com/GemOfRareVanity
4. Comment (suggestions and questions) on my blog posts =)

Earn additional points:
1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel:   youtube.com/rarevanity
2. Comment on my videos on YouTube

Choosing the commenter of the month will be based on how much he/she comments on my blog and YouTube channel.  I will also take into consideration if comments make sense or just plain spamming.  I will be manually checking if all commenters have done the simple steps. 

Also, just a gentle reminder: please do not spam comments.

MAKEUP BLOG SALE: http://www.rarevanity.net/p/blog-sale.html

YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/rarevanity

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/raregem


  1. wow.. you're so generous ms gem ^__^ im seeing etude house and fasio here ^__^

  2. Nice is giveaway open to international?

  3. @ sherry: right now, it isn't. In December, it will be! :)


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