Video Tutorial: Makeup with Eyeglasses On

Some girls find it difficult to apply makeup when they are wearing eyeglasses.  I know this firsthand because I frequently wear eyeglasses.

So fret not ladies that wear eyeglasses!  Here is a simple tutorial on how to wear makeup and still be able to wear your frames!

Video is embedded after the photos!

1. Do your usual application of concealer and foundation.  For better results, use a matte foundation becaue you're going to wear eyeglasses.
2. Prime your lids with a shimmer eye primer.  This will really help in making your eye brighter. Eyeglasses tend to cast a shadow on our eyes making it look dark.
3. Apply any light blue eyeshadow on your lids.
4. Apply a medium brown eyeshadow on your crease to balance out the light blue eyeshadow. You do this to make the light blue eyeshadow wearable since it is not very wearable alone.
5. Blend the harsh lines.
6. Apply any white eyeshadow on your brow bone and inner lids.
7. Apply black or brown eyeliner on your lashline to define your eyes as well.
8. Apply nude or white eyeliner on your waterline to help brighten your eyes.
9. Curl your lashes and apply mascara generously.
10. Apply pink blush for that glow look.
11. Apply a neutral lipstick or any lipstick of your choice.

Happy Wednesday, loves!


  1. this tutorial is helpful for those who wear eyeglasses like me.. thank you for these ms gem ^_^ (hope you could do a smokey eye din for those who wear eyeglasses


  2. What is the brand of nude eyeliner you used? Thanks!


  3. @rhaindropz: sige will try to do a smokey eye look fit for eyeglasses :)

  4. @ cheska: i used MAC chromographic pencil in NC30 :)

  5. wow.. sige dear im gonna wait for this ^__^

    (magkaiba ang grado ng mata ko, i find it dificult kung pantay ang pagkakaapply ko ng make-up, so im into more of brown, ligh brown, black shades, i use Sleek Storm and Graphite palette for my eyemakeup)


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