MAC Kissable Colour in So Vain

Last March, Shop MAC Cook MAC was launched in Manila.  I got myself three items and Kissable Colour was one of them.

So Vain is my first Kissable Colour from MAC.  It's liquid lipstick not a gloss.

MAC Kissable Colour in So Vain

doe wand

on my lips

Shop MAC Cook MAC promoted several shades of Kissable Colour but I chose So Vain out of all the shades because it's one of those shades that aren't so sale-able from the collection.  While it's nice to have the shade of lipstick everyone is wearing or at least lemming, there are times when I find it uncool to have the same lip color as everyone else's, yeh.  Besides, since it's my first Kissable Colour, I wanted a neutral shade because the color is timeless in my opinion.

I am totally impressed with the staying power of Kissable Colour.  I was expecting that it would stay for a maximum of two hours only because it's liquid.  But no! It actually stayed until I ate my lunch.  I'm sure it would have stayed longer on my lips had I not eaten.  It's not as sticky as a normal lipgloss but it has a different feel compared to a normal lipstick.  It smells good as always though it doesn't smell like Vanilla (at least to me).  The only thing I don't like about this is that it has a strangely long wand which gives me difficulty in applying lipstick.  It's as long as a normal pen.  But I'm used to it now.

If you're not a fan of lipgloss (like me), you can try MAC Kissable Colour!


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