MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush

Last December, I broke my MAC 190 brush.  I wanted to replace it with another MAC 190 brush but it is pretty expensive.  So, momentarily, I used my Charm Foundation brush and flat top brush when applying liquid foundation.  Last April, while browsing at MAC's website, I saw their 193 brush.  I've never seen nor heard about an angled foundation brush.  At the moment, I knew I had to have it!  I checked MAC counters here in Manila.  Unfortunately, MAC Manila doesn't carry it.  So I asked my mom to get it for me instead in Hong Kong.

MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush

Can you see how it's angled?

closer look

MAC 193 angled foundation brush is not your typical foundation brush.  First of all, it's angled.  Second, it's not as big as the 190 brush or any foundation brush that is usually seen.  This is noticably smaller.  In terms of application, it gives you the precision you need in case you focus on some parts of your face for uneven skin tone.  However, since the brush is smaller, this also means longer time to apply your liquid foundation.  I honestly don't mind though.  If ever you decide to get this brush, be sure to apply the foundation in one stroke.  You can't just apply the foundation all over because you might get streaky lines which never looks good.  Another thing I like about this angled brush is that it makes application of foundation on the side of my nose easier - like it fits perfectly.


  1. i havent used brush for foundations, parang mas madali sakin ang mag-apply gamit ang fingers lang hehe.. saka kelan lang din ako nagtry gumamit ng foundations --> my first: Neutrogena Fine BB Cream

    at first takot ako gumamit ng foundation, for it may cause zits and breakouts, hindi pala.. good thing blogger friends reviewers were to the rescue ^___^

  2. ok lang rin naman gamitin ng fingers for application :)


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