Jazzy Collection Compact Cream Foundation

Almost a month ago, I bought several items from the Jazzy Collection. You can say I hoarded. Haha!  things that happen when the mall is on sale!

Ever since I tried Ever Bilena's matte lipsticks earlier this year, I've been curious non-stop if there are still other local brands that are of good quality.  Every time I go to the beauty section of SM Department Store, I always swatch Jazzy Collection's liquid blush. It has a pretty good range of color, I tell you.  So, when it went on sale, I decided it was time to get one.  But boo, the shade I wanted was out of stock.

Then I saw their cream foundation.  I've never tried cream foundation before.  I've always had reservations about cream foundation because well, it's cream. How do you expect it to adhere to your skin when it adheres perfectly to your brushes?  That's what I though then.  I almost didn't buy thing foundation because I still have my MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and Revlon Photoready to finish.  But yeh, I bought it anyway!


good for 12 months from first use

shade that I got is CF04

the shade looks similar to my MAC NC30 concealer

bruised by a flat top brush
notice the side of the container

CF04 on me

- affordable even if it isn't on sale
- 6 shades to choose from (ok, this pro is relative. it's also a con)
- no weird scent
- unique packaging for a foundation
- creamy enough
- compact enough
- available at leading department stores
- does not oxidize on my skin
- 20grams for the price, wow!

- 6 shades look almost the same (sadly and strangely)
- shade is name from 01-06 but it does not mean from light to darkest
- a bit difficult to blend (but hey, I'm a newbie at cream foundation)
- if you don't apply properly, it will be obvious that you have foundation on
- unhygienic cos you end up double dipping!
- no mirror included

I have a love-hate relationship with this cream foundation. I love how it's compact and light weight.  But I still can not master how to apply it on my face.  If you take a closer look at my forehead on the photo above, it's obvious that I have foundation on.  And even on my eyebags, it started to cake a bit and I didn't even apply concealer that day.  But there are days when I love it.  I mean, it's compact so I don't have to worry about putting some foundation at the back of my palm to apply the foundation.  But gah, I have to double dip!  Ergo, I can not use this on clients unless I scrape the top part which is a waste of product :(  I also had difficulty finding the right shade because the six shades look almost the same.  I tried 06 on my jawline and it disappeared on my face so I thought it was my shade.  But since I had my hesitation, I told Lawrence to take a photo of me and gah, it looked white on photo!  My skin is weird cos I'm really acidic so finding the right shade for me is such a challenge.  One thing I really like about this product though is that it doesn't oxidize on my skin after application.  It didn't turn dark nor light which is a total plus cos I'm acidic.  I got CF-04 which is the shade of my concealer.  If this were MAC foundation, my face would have turned lighter after 30 minutes.

So, yes, love-hate relationship with this foundation :)

As I've said, my skin is weird cos I'm acidic.  If you want to try this product and you know you're not acidic, this might work perfectly on you - as in 24/7.  If you're acidic like me, then you might want to re-think.  Although it's not that bad for the price.  This can last you a long time!

Let me know if you've tried this :)

Happy Tuesday, loves!






  1. Thanks for the detailed review! =) I'm been wanting to get one of these until I tried testing it out in the counter. I find the foundation too oily & silky?! on my "super oily skin". I'm afraid that my face might turn greasy ball therefore I didn't get one. But in your case, it looks pretty nice on you =)

  2. cream foundation? alam ko mahiram talaga iblend.. naalala ko nung highschool.. kapg di pantay parang halatang nakafoundation ka at sad part.. namumuo sya (siguro sa mga hindi branded na foundation.. katulad nung nabibili namin sa hortaleza)

  3. @ Janet: i have a combination skin and it isn't super oily on me :) it might just work on you too :)

  4. i have been using this january! I make sure that I set it with a powder foundation pra hnd oily. nice review there Gem!

  5. thank you for this review. I'm planning to get this over the Naturactor concealer one. which is a new hype now but its far expensive and hard to find. I followed you by the way, follow back? via bloglovin' pls.. thanks, stellajezebelle.blogspot.com

  6. ive been using this for two years (or more) already and i still can''t find another one that can replace this (affordability wise). i use a compact powder for touchups though. but i love the even finish on my oily skin


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