Beauty UK Lip Vinyl

I stumbled upon Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione last March at the Supersale Bazaar.  They offer a wide range of makeup which are affordable!

I wasn't planning on buying makeup because I still have more than enough.  But then again, it's makeup.  You just can't have enough makeup on your stash!

So, when I saw their lip vinyls, I knew I just had to try it.  Besides, it was on sale!  I don't remember how much I got it for but I'm sure I got it on sale!

built-in applicator

Privilege on my lips

Hed Kandi on my lips

So, what are the thoughts of a lipstick junkie like me about this lip vinyl?  LOVE IT!  Initially, what convinced me to buy these lip vinyls is the built-in applicator that comes with the tube.  I thought it came with a wand but when I opened the tested, the felt-tip wand was built in!  And honestly, I was looking for the exact thing!  Another plus is that it's a liquid lipstick.  I'm loving liquid lipsticks right now because I find them easier to blend and apply on my lips.  The packaging is one of a kind, so that's definitely a plus!  I can just throw the lip vinyls in my bag and not worry about the cover popping out!  You also don't have to worry too much about the staying power because it delivers!  It stays on lips for about 5 hours before it starts to fade.  Hed Kandi leaves a stained effect on my lips which is great!

Beauty UK Lip Vinyl comes in three shades and I totally regret not buying the other shade!  It's a hot pink shade, a really nice to have shade!

It took me a long time to review this product because I loved Privilege so much that I forgot I had Hed Kandi with me on the pocket of my bag!  I started using Hed Kandi roughly about 3 weeks ago and I also love it!

Beauty UK is available at Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione.


  1. ooh! you look so gorgeous on both shade!! But that privilege really outshines the other! so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing! You make me want to own one too!! =)

  2. Thanks Janet! It's really nice to have! Let me know if ever you get one! :)

  3. when looking on your lips yung red parang sa MAC collection =)

  4. @rhania: yup! pwedeng dupe!

  5. MAC Heartless ata yun =) nakita ko sa lippie collection mo =)

  6. Privilege is really great on you. and wow!! you specs are just looking so sophisticated on u.
    Thank for sharing.
    Just found ur blog..
    Following u now.

  7. @ checky chic: thanks! the specs enabled by Rayban :)

  8. finally! I was able to see a review of these vinyl lippies!! are they the same as the ones that comes in a gift set?

  9. Hi, I'm not sure about the gift set as I bought these lip vinyls individually :)


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