Food Escapade at Cafe Lugang

This food post more than a month late.

Last 9 April, Lawrence and I treated my family at Lugang Cafe because it was our birthday month!  The ambiance of this restaurant is something else!  Love the interiors!

milk tea!

hot & sour soup


pineapple fried rice

beef with broccoli

walnut shrimp


pork siomai

ice cream

Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the food.  For the price, it's mediocre.  I've been to other Chinese restaurants and I think their food tastes better.  We ordered a lot and there's no single dish that stood out for me.  Lawrence and I have the same sentiments about this restaurant.  You're paying for the ambiance more than the food.

Lugang Cafe is located somewhere in Greenhills.


  1. disappointing. Was the milk tea any good? I'm a die hard for milk tea.

  2. @chinkygirlmel: the milk tea was okay. It's not something I would crave for to think that I love milk tea!

  3. ay.. sayang naman =( muka lang pala masarap sa pic =) kung siomai, i still love the Henlin's and Master Siomai =) me and my buddy loves siomai =)


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