Review: Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara

I love wearing false eyelashes.  I actually prefer wearing false eyelashes than applying mascara.  There was even a year when I always had eyelash extensions.  I just find long lashes really really sexy.

Of course, I also tried mascaras that claim to make my lashes longer than usual and the volume that I desire.  So, when I saw Maybelline's The Falsies mascara, I just knew I had to try it.  One of my friends also uses the same mascara and she likes it.  So, it must be good, yeh?

Maybelline's The Falsies mascara

back part of the mascara

curved mascara applicator

closer look of the curved applicator

one application on my lashes

front view

with eyes closed

- it's affordable at PhP449
- locally and widely available
- applicator separates the lashes
- applicator is easy to use desire the curve
- dries fast enough
- lengthens your lashes
- gives a bit of volume on the lashes

- doesn't really give the falsies effect
- smears a lot when you tear
- bulky packaging

I'm a bit disappointed with mascara - or maybe with Maybelline's mascaras in general.  I know a lot of ladies swear by Maybelline's mascara (even my mom) but it just doesn't work for me.  Sure, it's affordable and does lengthen and give volume on my lashes.  But it's not close to the length and volume that they promise.  Actually, those two cons would have been okay to deal with because it is after all a mascara only.  You really can't expect it to give you that falsies effect.  It's just a faux advertisement to sell.  What turned me off the most is that it smears/smudges when your eyes get watery (due to yawning, crying or whathaveyou).  It's one thing about the volume & length.  But it's another thing when the mascara smears.  For me, it's the most important component in a mascara.

Now, this review might not be applicable to everyone.  I'm very acidic.  I have too much pH going on thru my body and this might be the reason why I get different results.  But still.  I have been using Majolica Majorca since 2009 or 2010 but it never smeared on me.  Just stating an example.

So, will I re-purchase?  Probably not.  But I'll finish this tube of mascara cos this still cost me USD8.  I got mine at Duty Free, btw.

Maybelline The Falsies mascara is available at all leading department stores nationwide for PhP449.

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  1. I used to like Maybelline's cat's eyes mascara until it started to smear on me as well. Then I have also noticed how it dries up easily, unlike before. Now I use either L'oreal or Mary Kay.

  2. aww, too bad this mascara doesn't work for you! I haven't tried this one, but i guess i'll have to skip this one. I think the stilleto mascara is not that bad =)

  3. i like maybelline mascara but it dries up pretty quickly..coz its not that exp?

    xoxo elle

  4. @kaith: yeh i used the cat's eyes mascara too then gave it to my friend when she ran out of mascara. That mascara was mediocre! The only thing extraordinary about it was the comb type applicator!

  5. @janet: if you aren't acidic, you may want to give this a shot. :)

    I'm also thinking of trying the stiletto probably when i finish the Falsies :)

  6. @wifluvelle: good observation! Yeh maybe it's the price. But then again, most mascaras don't really last that long :)

  7. Try using Avon's Supershock Mascara. I've been using it for years! I've tried other mascaras yet I keep going back to Avon's tube. I have short lashes and this one really adds length and volume resulting in having the false lashes effect. It's really cheap too! It's only 420 and sometimes goes on sale for 199. Hope it works for you like it did for me. They also have the Extralasting Mascara which gives the same effect but this one's waterproof. I use it when I go to the beach. I can go swimming for hours and get off the water with my mascara untouched :)

  8. @anonymous: will think of trying it thanks! :)

  9. maybelline mascaras never failed me =) two thumbs up.. (btw i saw one @mercury drugs biñan, around 299php) my avon mascara still untouched!!! im not yet finished with my clinique mascara =)


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