Review: in2it's Waterproof Gel Liner

Last February, I bought in2it's waterproof gel liner because I've heard that this is the best dupe for Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencil!  So I got curious because I have 5 UD eye pencils and honestly speaking, they're not 24/7 on me and they smudge so much on my acidic skin.

My first love in makeup has always been eyeliner.  Yes, it's not lipstick.  So, it's no surprise that I am always on the look out of great buys of eyeliners.

in2it's waterproof gel liner in Very Black

eyeliner on my lids; taken at 9am


rubbed a bit

photo taken at 5pm on the same day

- affordable
- widely and locally available
- no tugging
- glides on easily
- stays on the whole day
- does not smudge
- pigmented

- limited colors
- eye primer is needed for it to not smudge
- not applicable to use for winged-eye look

I am impressed with this eyeliner.  It's so easy to apply!  It's really pigmented. I love how black it is - it really is very black!  I used an eye primer the first time I used this because I also had eyeshadow on.  It didn't smear/smudge on my lids. It stayed put the whole day.  This is important for me because I've been using UD eye pencil in Zero and it still smudges on my lids even with eye primer on.  So, I'm guessing the formulation of in2it is better! If you can see on the photos above, I also tried to rub it and it didn't fade that much.  It was tolerable.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it it dependent on eye primer.  I thought it would still work well even without eye primer on.  I tried using the eyeliner by itself and did they winged-eye look.  Well, the outer line which was supposed to be the wing smudged.

I got in2it's waterproof gel liners in Very Black and a blue one for PhP499.75.  They have this ongoing promo for two eyeliners.  I'm not sure how much it would be if you just bought one gel liner.

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  1. im gonna check these pencils out! great review :)

  2. Wow nice review!! I hope they have gray or brown! I'm eager to try this out! Thanks for review ^_^~

  3. @ vicky: i'm not sure if it's available on california though :(

  4. @ janet: i think they have brown though i'm pretty much sure they don't have it in gray! :)

  5. I have this and I love the staying power. My problem is I have trouble applying a very thin line with it and it looks too harsh. I should have gotten it in brown. =))

  6. oh dear.. looks like my avon eyeliner (from Penelope) ^__^ looks so promising ^__^ in2it


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