March 2012 Makeup Favorites (with video commentary)

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This is the first time that I'll be posting/showing my favorite hauls for a particular month.  I don't normally do this and I'm not sure if I will continue doing this month by month.  I decided to do this for March because, well, I got lazy.  Haha, seriously though.  It was more of I got frustrated taking photos of the products cos I couldn't get the right white balance no matter how much I play with the settings.

So, I decided to vlog about my favorite products for March.

The video features products from MAC Shop Mac, Cook Mac Collection and two lippies from Maybelline.  I think it's their latest lipstick line or perhaps they just revamped the tubes.  The lipstick has been out for a while in the US but when I asked the dept stores, they said it's a new line.  So, I dunno.

So, guys enjoy the video!

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