Food Escapade at Bulgogi Brothers

Last Monday, the fiance treated me to a birthday lunch at Bulgogi Brothers.  He actually wanted to have buffet at Circles but I told him to just have lunch elsewhere since we only have an hour to spare for lunch.

And some couple photos while waiting for our food!

And now lunch is served!  Look at all those side dishes/appetizers.  All them are refillable for free.  Ain't that great?! 

iced tea (PhP110) and a cup of rice

Bulgogi Brothers Special, PhP1,495
good for 3 persons

heart shaped Bulgogi, cute!

Dubu (tofu) Steak, PhP345

their servers will cook the food for you!

I wasn't able to take photo of the food when it was finally served.  We were that excited to eat and we were already hungry!  I enjoyed the food a lot!  Plus points about the fact that their servers cook the food for you instead of the customers cooking it on their own.  We over ordered though.  Don't be deceived with the photos on the menu.  The portions look small on photos but it's a lot when served.  We ordered the Bulgogi Special that is apparently good for 3 persons.  Ang dami!!  Haha!  The meat was so tender which is good!  We also ordered their tofu steak cos I wanted Lawrence to try it.  He liked it.  We weren't even finished with our food yet we were already thinking of when to go back to try the other servings on the menu.  Haha!  Their staff is very accomodating too.  The only thing that is a con about this restaurant is its price tag.  Yes, it's cheaper than Sandaya but the food is still pricey.  If you have a bistro card, you can use it to avail of a 20% discount!


  1. the food looks really yummy!! :) you two look really cute together also!

  2. @vicky: yes, the food is really yummy :) thanks for the comment :)

  3. Gem ano foundation mo dito? It photographed so nicely. :)

  4. @ anonymous: mac studio fix fluid then set it with maybelline mineral foundation :)

  5. ay ang cute nung heart-shaped bulogni fave ko yan yum..


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