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Yesterday, a package was eating for me on my desk when I cam back from lunch! It's no other than Flawess' Nano Whiteness! It came right on time as I just finished the second bar soap of Flawless whitening soap.  I'm so excited to use this!  Of course, thanks again to Martha of the Beauty Junkee and Isa Fabregas, Flawless' Marketing Officer =)

The bottle has 90 tablets and I can take 2-3 tablets per day after every meal.  I've decided to take 2 tablets per day.  So, wait for my review on Flawless Nano Whiteness after one month!

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  1. im afraid of taking medicines hihi.. so my glutha tablets goes to hubby ^__^

  2. @rhaindropz: I've tried glutathione before.. ok naman. try mo, you might like it :)

  3. tama po ba? na ang gluta is good for the liver and ang side effect ay ang pagputi ng balat?

  4. @rhaindropz: yes, correct :) so this is for me taiga cos i drink haha


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