Celebrating My Birthday in the Office

Ever since I started working in 2007, I always made it to a point that I take a leave on my birthday.  It's been like that for the past 5 birthdays I've had.  However, on my 6th year of being a corporate slave, I broke this tradition and went to work.

Bummer, I know.

So I when I woke up, I tried my best not to get annoyed or anything.  Mantra of the day: Nothing and no one can faze me.

And work, it did!

I went to work because the day of my birthday was meant to be a busy day at work.  Settlement date and all that.  And for that, I will never forget you, SMB.  Second, i'm not entitled to any birthday leave yet or any leave at all =(

But then there was a small celebration at work, thanks to my colleagues!

Thank you girls!


  1. @ April and Vicky: thanks girls :)

  2. ang cute nung cake!!! sarap sa pakiramdam kapag may surprise ang mga friends mo during your birthday

    belated happy birthday pretty


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