MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick

I finally got my hands on MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lipstick!  It's another limited edition from MAC and I knew I just gotta have it cos it's pink!

Viva Glam Nicki Minaj


on my lips (macro shot)

When I first saw it, it instantly reminded me of MAC Watch Me Simmer.  It's like they have the same opaqueness just by looking at the color from the tube.  It gives you that weird feeling of what the shade really is.  Looking at the color, I thought it would be louder than MAC Pink Nouveau and I hoped that it would be more wearable than MAC Lady Gaga.  But when I finally used it, it wasn't as loud as I hoped it to be - which is a good thing.  It's a good thing because it gives me he chance to wear if as often as I'd like to without getting stares left and right.  I actually find more more wearable than MAC Pink Nouveau and MAC Love Me Forever.  This lipstick is satin so expect exposure of lip lines after application.

I probably won't buy another tube because I have way too many pink lipsticks.  Although I gotta admit that lipstick is nice to have - especially if you don't have a lot of dark pink lipsticks on your makeup kit.

Happy Monday, Loves!

Food Escapade at Mr. Jones

Last April 16, Lawrence and I had lunch at Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5. It was his birthday lunch :)

I really like the ambiance of this restaurant. Its theme is that of a diner.

Nice, ain't it?

Peanut Butter Shake, PhP250

Tapa Overlaod, PhP295

Dory, PhP395

April babies

Happy camper with full tummies!

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Food Escapade at J. Co Donuts

Last Saturday, the fiancé and I had dessert at J.Co Donuts after dinner at Yabu.  This donut company opened last month and it is so unamazing that I did not try I did not bother checking it out until last week.

I felt like I really missed out!  I love donuts!  What made me brush this off initially was the people that made spreader and helped J.Co trended on Twitter.  I thought it would just be like Magnun ice cream - the mediocre ice cream hyped by celebrities, honestly speaking.

But J.Co Donuts is something else.

donuts on the right side of the store to greet you

J.Co Donut has the wittiest names!

J.Co Donut has the wittiest names!

J.Co Donut has the wittiest names!

on the left side is the coffee/yogurt bar



cashier's screen

got water? in shot sizes

Why Nut, Don Mochino, and Oreology
PhP42 each

Caramelo Uno Mocca Cream Frappucino
Cappucino Chip Uno Mocca Cream Frappucino
PhP130 each

J.Co Donuts originated from Indonesia.  Although I've never seen it there or probably never given attention to it.  

I would have to say that J.Co Donuts is better than Krispy Kreme. Their donuts have the right amount of sweet.  You would seriously want another donut after you finish your first unlike with Krispy Kreme where you can hardly finish a doughnut.  I haven't been to Krispy Kreme lately though I doubt that they serve yogurt just yet.  J.Co serves yogurts aside from coffee.  So, at least there's another choice for those who don't like caffeine.  The price is just like Krispy Kreme - pricey.  But I feel that this is more worth paying for.  So, to all donut lovers like me, visit J.Co Donuts if you still haven't.  It won't disappoint, I promise.

J.Co Donuts is located at the Megastrip of SM Megamall B.  They will be branching out soon at Greenbelt 3 and Mall of Asia.

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Review: in2it's Waterproof Gel Liner

Last February, I bought in2it's waterproof gel liner because I've heard that this is the best dupe for Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencil!  So I got curious because I have 5 UD eye pencils and honestly speaking, they're not 24/7 on me and they smudge so much on my acidic skin.

My first love in makeup has always been eyeliner.  Yes, it's not lipstick.  So, it's no surprise that I am always on the look out of great buys of eyeliners.

in2it's waterproof gel liner in Very Black

eyeliner on my lids; taken at 9am


rubbed a bit

photo taken at 5pm on the same day

- affordable
- widely and locally available
- no tugging
- glides on easily
- stays on the whole day
- does not smudge
- pigmented

- limited colors
- eye primer is needed for it to not smudge
- not applicable to use for winged-eye look

I am impressed with this eyeliner.  It's so easy to apply!  It's really pigmented. I love how black it is - it really is very black!  I used an eye primer the first time I used this because I also had eyeshadow on.  It didn't smear/smudge on my lids. It stayed put the whole day.  This is important for me because I've been using UD eye pencil in Zero and it still smudges on my lids even with eye primer on.  So, I'm guessing the formulation of in2it is better! If you can see on the photos above, I also tried to rub it and it didn't fade that much.  It was tolerable.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it it dependent on eye primer.  I thought it would still work well even without eye primer on.  I tried using the eyeliner by itself and did they winged-eye look.  Well, the outer line which was supposed to be the wing smudged.

I got in2it's waterproof gel liners in Very Black and a blue one for PhP499.75.  They have this ongoing promo for two eyeliners.  I'm not sure how much it would be if you just bought one gel liner.

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Food Escapade at Yabu

Last week, the fiancé and I had very late lunch/early dinner at Yabu in Megamall.  It was both our first time to dine there.

I'm not really a fan of tonkatsu because to me it's just breaded pork chop.  Nothing special.  But I knew the fiancé would love it.  Since it was his birthday weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to eat there!

sire meal, PhP330

it's served like this - with rice and miso soup and refillable cabbage


It was a good dining experience!  We both liked it! They also serve Magnun ice cream just in case any of you is still on a roll with the fad ice cream.

Yabu is located on 2F Megamall Atrium.

Review: Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara

I love wearing false eyelashes.  I actually prefer wearing false eyelashes than applying mascara.  There was even a year when I always had eyelash extensions.  I just find long lashes really really sexy.

Of course, I also tried mascaras that claim to make my lashes longer than usual and the volume that I desire.  So, when I saw Maybelline's The Falsies mascara, I just knew I had to try it.  One of my friends also uses the same mascara and she likes it.  So, it must be good, yeh?

Maybelline's The Falsies mascara

back part of the mascara

curved mascara applicator

closer look of the curved applicator

one application on my lashes

front view

with eyes closed

- it's affordable at PhP449
- locally and widely available
- applicator separates the lashes
- applicator is easy to use desire the curve
- dries fast enough
- lengthens your lashes
- gives a bit of volume on the lashes

- doesn't really give the falsies effect
- smears a lot when you tear
- bulky packaging

I'm a bit disappointed with mascara - or maybe with Maybelline's mascaras in general.  I know a lot of ladies swear by Maybelline's mascara (even my mom) but it just doesn't work for me.  Sure, it's affordable and does lengthen and give volume on my lashes.  But it's not close to the length and volume that they promise.  Actually, those two cons would have been okay to deal with because it is after all a mascara only.  You really can't expect it to give you that falsies effect.  It's just a faux advertisement to sell.  What turned me off the most is that it smears/smudges when your eyes get watery (due to yawning, crying or whathaveyou).  It's one thing about the volume & length.  But it's another thing when the mascara smears.  For me, it's the most important component in a mascara.

Now, this review might not be applicable to everyone.  I'm very acidic.  I have too much pH going on thru my body and this might be the reason why I get different results.  But still.  I have been using Majolica Majorca since 2009 or 2010 but it never smeared on me.  Just stating an example.

So, will I re-purchase?  Probably not.  But I'll finish this tube of mascara cos this still cost me USD8.  I got mine at Duty Free, btw.

Maybelline The Falsies mascara is available at all leading department stores nationwide for PhP449.

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Food Escapade at Apartment 1B

Last Valentine's day, we had dinner at Apartment 1B in Makati.

As always, good food, good company.

This isn't really a review about the restaurant.  Just a normal food post to entice some craving. =)

spinach something

Spaghetti Vongole


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