Review: Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream*

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Last month, I received 5 products from Nivea Baby - shampoo, milk bath, 2 baby wipes, and body cream.

I was so excited to show this to my sister in law and her son so they can try it out.  The Smoothy Cream was supposed to be for my nephew.  But my sister in law declined since apparently, my nephew sweats easily and sweats alot.

So, I tried to use it instead since my body lotion is also a baby body lotion.

on my skin

once rubbed on my skin

- nice scent
- disappears on my skin
- doesn't feel sticky at all!
- really moisturises skin - whether baby or adult
- no weird scent when you sweat
- available at leading department stores

- bulky packaging

I am loving this lotion! It doesn't feel sticky at all.  I don't need to worry about feeling icky in the afternoon!  I tried this several times on my nephew too.  Of course, I tricked him into saying that this cream will make him pogi.  I observed if my nephew would later on complain about stickiness.  Luckily, he didn't complain.  So, there's consistency there.

I don't like the packaging because it's bulky and a bit heavy.  But I've asked mothers and they said the same thing, too.  They commented that it could have come in a different container instead of a jar.

But over all, this smoothy cream works!  I definitely recommend this to everyone out there!

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