Review: Flawless Skin Whitening Kit*

Last month, Martha posted on Facebook whoever would be interested to review the Flawless whitening kit.  I sent her a message and she sent me the goodies after a few days.

Here's a photo of the items I got from her.

Flawless Forever Lightening Soap
Flawless DeCrease
Flawless Skin Protect Cream
Flawless Whitening Toner

I started using the kit the day after I receive the package.  Martha mentioned that she also added DeCrease.  After a few days, I checked the website of Flawless to see their other kits.  Then I came across their whitening kit.

Flawless Skin Whitening Kit
photo from website of Flawless

When I saw the kit and realized that I didn't have the White Plus Cream, I went to Flawless - Megamall that same weekend to get it.

Moving on with the review.  This kit has been my regimen for about a month now and all I can say is that I love it!  I actually am addicted to it!  I use the kit twice a day - morning and night.

Flawless Whitening Toner
This toner is translucent brown but not to the point that it looks disgusting on the cotton.  It has the signature scent of Flawless - powdery or flowery.  It smells really good, I tell you!  I also didn't breakout using this.  I use this twice a day.  What I like most about this toner is that it doesn't sting your face or your fresh micro channels (thanks to Isa for this term!).   I use toner every now and then and sometimes it does sting.  But with the Flawless whitening toner, it's as if you're just applying a scented water on your face. Oh, it has a bit of a cooling effect on (my) skin, too!

photo from website of Flawless

Flawless Skin Whitening Soap
The first soap that I got was the lightening soap from the Forever collection.  I assume it's pretty much the same with the whitening soap.  The soap is smaller in size compared to a usual bar soap.  But it lasted on me for a month!  I use this on my face and whole body.  Every time I shower, I cleanse my body twice meaning I put soap on my body twice.  When I first saw the size of the soap, I thought it would last less than a month, about two weeks..  I'm just so thankful that it lasted way longer than that!  No breakout from this soap as well.  I'm now on my second soap which is the whitening soap from the Skin Whitening kit.  The bar soap is color pink and smells as good as the first soap.  Flawless has this signature scent of powder that smells real really good.  I asked the aesthetician what the difference is between the soap from the forever collection and the Skin Whitening Kit and they said it's the kojic ingredient (which the pink soap has).  I use this at least twice a day.  On weekends, I use this at least four times a day.  I just like washing my face using this :)

Flawless White Plus Cream
I got a hold of this cream a few days after I started using the kit that I got.  I bought this at Flawless-Megamall for PhP750.  It is a bit expensive for a cream.  But then again, this cream promises to lighten skin tone and even out any discoloration on your face.  If you compare it with other whitening products, the price is just as par.  This cream doesn't have the signature scent of Flawless but it doesn't smell bad.  The cream is white but disappears once applied.  It feels light on my skin once I have applied it.  I also apply it on my neck.  This is another product from the kit that didn't give me any breakout.  I use this twice a day.

Flawless Skin Protect Cream
Simply put, this is sunblock for the face.  Just like the White Plus Cream, Skin Protect Cream does not have the Flawless signature scent.  The cream is translucent white and its texture is a bit thick.  At times, I find it hard to blend it on my face.  But that's just one minor detail that you can live with.  I didn't breakout using this product.  I use this once a day as part of my morning regimen.

Flawless DeCrease (from Forever Collection)
Martha was kind enough to include DeCrease on the products that she sent me.  When I first saw this, I actually didn't know what to do with it.  I got stuck with the term "DeCrease" that I forgot to read what it says on the jar.  When I got back to my senses and after checking the website of Flawless, I learned that this is an anti-aging mousse that gives your skin a matte effect.  I was a bit hesitant about using this.  Then I've decided to use it and apply a huge gunk on my eye bags.  Why?  Well, if you see me in person, you'd be shocked that I'm older than a look.  I don't mean to brag but I don't have a problematic skin.  Yes, I breakout but I don't break out tremendously.  More often that not, my skin looks smooth.  Then I remember something from the Stila workshop - should you invest in anti-aging products at a young age, invest in anti-aging products that concerns your eye bags because that's where you will see the first sign of aging.  So, for the first few days, I applied it strictly under my eyes only then eventually applied it to my whole face.  The color of the mousse is somewhat light brown or beige and it really feels like mousse.  It has the Flawless signature which makes me addictive to it!  As usual, no breakouts from this product.  this is very easy to apply and a little goes a long way.  Don't put too much or else your face would look white.  I also use this twice a day.  And as for the matte effect? Oh yes, it does the job!

Sleek and enticing packaging.  When Martha showed me the photo, I was immediately impressed with the packaging.  It just looks so darn pretty!  Yes, I've heard of Flawless before and I see it in the malls but I never took a chance to look at their products.  So, I had no idea that their packaging was THAT pretty.  I guess you all will agree being on the photos I've shown above.  I was expecting the usual packaging - white jars.  But really, the packaging always makes me ganado to use this!  I've never used a skin care kit this religiously.

Locally available.  There is a Flawless clinic in most SM Malls.  And there is a lot of SM Malls in the Philippines. In case, you live in a place where an SM mall is too far or you just don't have the time to drop by their clinic, you can just visit the Flawless website and order from there.  It's free shipping, too, so you don't have to worry for an additional cost.

Affordable.  The Skin Whitening Kit costs PhP1,200 only and it has 4 products!  If you go to other Dermatoligical clinics, a whitening kit similar to this would probably cost much higher.  Even if you check Flawless' other skin kits, they are still very affordable.

Inclusion of Skin Protect Cream.  This might not be a biggie for everyone but it is for me.  I love how sunblock is included in the kit.  It's important to use sunblock and I believe that it should normally be included in kits instead of being an option.  Prior to using this kit, I was using an acne kit from a very famous dermatologist who has a clinic across Greenbelt 2.  That acne kit does not include sunblock.  It's optional.

No breakouts.  All females have their own arsenal. Most of us are always in the search of what products works for us best.  This is a risk I took when I told Martha I wanted to try the products.  Luckily, I did not breakout.  And because of this, I want to try the other kits of Flawless!

Powdery scent.  I love how these products were engineered to smell good.  It might be something psychological but you know you could never go wrong with something that smells so good.  At times, it could be therapeutic for me, too.

Works well with other products.  Together with this kit, I am using VMV's creamy moisturizer.  And they seem to work well.

Does the job.  My skin has lightened.  I've been using this for a month now and even though the effect is minimal, I have noticed it.  Will post the photos on another entry.

Individual price of products.  I bought the White Plus Cream for Php750.  When I was at the Flawless clinic, the aesthetician was telling me that I would save more of I bought the whole kit instead because the price of the kit is PhP1,200.  If you do the math, yes, I would save a whole lot if I bought the kit.  But that would mean having two kits.  It wasn't practical for me at that time.  So I bought the cream any way.  Case in point, if you don't finish the products all at the same time (which what will happen, most likely), you would need to buy this individually at a higher price.

A bit drying.  I've learned from one of Flawless' aestheticians that the Skin Whitening Kit does not come with a moisturizer and is not moisturizing.  So, if you want to use this, have a moisturizer in tow.  I use VMV's creamy moisturizer after rubbing toner on my face.  So far, so great.

I will be posting another entry tomorrow on how I apply these products (with photos as well).

So, will I buy this kit once I'm done with it? It's a BIG yes!  However, I'm also thinking of trying the acne kit.

All in all, I give Flawless and this kit a perfect score of 10!  I really really love it!

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Happy Monday, loves!


  1. Wow! nice review..nice to hear that flawless products actually did quite a good job..I've yet to try any flawless product but I did get to try the Belo essentials products and I hate them. They just didn't do any good on my skin >_< thanks for the review BTW, really helpful..=)

  2. Never heard of this brand but it looks and sounds really promising!!

  3. I also use Belo's acne kit. It's almost PhP3,000. But I never used it religiously unlike this kit from Flawless. I really think it's the signature scent of Flawless that drives me to use aside from the fact that it works on me. Try this product then let me know what you think about it :)

  4. Hi Eugenia! Flawless is a dermatological clinic in the Philippines. I don't think they have clinics outside the Philippines yet but their kit not only looks promising, it really helps on making your skin better :)

  5. I use Flawless SAS soap at the time being and so far, I'm satisfied with the results. I'd like to address my acnes first then proceed with the whitening so this set would be on my list. Thanks for the thorough review


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