Review: Ever Bilena's Mousse Eyeshadow

Mousse eyeshadow has been out for quite some time but I've never actually tried it.  Swatched, yes.  Put it on my eyes, no.  When I was looking around Watsons, I passed by Ever Bilena's counter and saw their mousse eyeshadows besides their matte lipsticks.  It was their lipsticks that I was checking out initially.  There were about 5 or 6 pots of eyeshadows and the lavender one caught my eye.  Since it was only PhP75, I decided to buy one pot.  I wanted to get more eyeshadows since it's pretty cheap for the size.  But then I remembered, that hey, it's a local brand of eyeshadow - and they usually have poor quality.

Ever Bilena mousse eyeshadow in Amethyst

after rubbing my finger several times

Okay, basing from the first photo, it is obvious that the eyeshadow is dry - which shouldn't be the case since it's mousse.  I tried to use an eyeshadow brush but the eyeshadow didn't transfer on the brush.  Nothing happened.  So, I had to use my finger - which kinda sucks for me because I don't always like to apply makeup using my fingers.

So, did it show up on my lids?  Look below.

In fairness, it showed up.  It's lavender so you can't expect it to be bold no matter how much you put.  It stayed on the whole day cos of my eye primer.  The only good thing I can say about this eyeshadow is that it stays true to its color.  It's pretty pigmented.

Overall though, this eyeshadow is crap.  It's not at all mousse.  I wouldn't buy another pot of this even if it goes on sale.  Even if they give it as a freebie, I'd probably refuse.  It's PhP75 down the drain.  If you're thinking of buying this, don't.  Trust me.  Just go for the powder eyeshadow.


  1. aww, too bad the mousse is just a failure. The mousse does look a bit dry..

  2. It's drier than it looks like. Hassle :(

  3. i agree, it looks REALLY dry.. the color is pretty though!

  4. @vicky: i liked the color alot but this is really a waste of money :(

  5. have seen post like this pero bronze ang kulay nya ^_^


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