Rare Vanity Sports DAS 31!

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Call me mababaw but I really, really love it when an owner of a certain brand acknowledges me.  Of course, I'm talking about the up and rising entrepreneurs that are usually seen at bazaars.  Let's face it, not all up and rising entrepreneurs are consistently friendly.  A lot are only friendly up until you buy their item.  After that, wala na.  

A lot of us know DAS Shoes.  They are famous for their very high and distinct heels!  Their slogan is very fitting - "warning: these shoes could kill"  The DAS sisters are also very approachable.  And their mom is just oh so adorable!

Yesterday, my phone beeped while I was washing the dishes.  I thought it was a text message.  When I checked it, I realized it was a tweet - and it was a tweet from DAS!  I didn't read it right away.  It kind of baffled me why DAS would send me a tweet.  When I read it, they actually mentioned my twitter username.  So, I went back to the previous tweets.  If you follow DAS on Twitter, you'd know that they mention only a handful of people when they are about to release a new pair of killer shoes.  DAS usually mentions the fashion bloggers.  Even though I'm not a fashion blogger, I'm glad that DAS mentioned me.

It's just a happy feeling.  Seriously.  It gives a pang on my heart - the good kind!

So, here's my attempt on being a fashion blogger sporting my new pair of DAS shoes!

Forever 21 animal print tank top | A&F jeggings
Louis Vuitton MM Neverfull in Azure

DAS 31

Which one am I posing for? Guess.

If you don't own a pair yet, get one!  I swear these are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn despite the fact that it's 5inches(or even higher) high!  I think this is my 4th pair of DAS shoes.  That's how much I like their shoes!  All the more that I like them because they are consistently nice to me!

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Happy Sunday, loves!


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