Pampering Time at Benefits Salon*

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Last Friday, I went to Benefits Salon in Eastwood for some pampering time with the beauty bloggers.  I barely had an idea who would be there.  But I was so glad to meet familiar faces.

When I got there, I was warmly welcomed by Camilla (Megaworld's Marketing Associate), and the owners of Benefits Salon - Roseann and Robina Ko.

I was given a cupcake (Sonja's) and hot tea to mellow down and was assisted to my seat.  Then I saw Martha and Jheng were there, too!

So, how did the pampering time go?  I had a keratin treatment for my hair, the usual manicure/pedicure, and eyebrow threading.

with Jheng and Shen

with Robina and Roseann

my Orly painted toe nails

my brows have a "new" look haha

it's a really rally dark red shade

Okay, honestly I don't know what keratin treatment does to the hair.  But my hair feels way softer now.  I really liked the service of the Benefits Salon crew.  They were so nice and checked on me every now and then to ask if there is anything else that I needed.  Other beauty bloggers had their hair dyed and their crowning glory looked all great!  They even dyed Helga's hair pink and it was so funky + awesome!  Very even application, I swear.  If you read my blog, I am now very particular with hair dye application ever since a certain salon damaged my hair oh so badly in 2010.

The salon uses Orly nail polish which is a plus for me!  I've been to salons that charges as much as Benefits Salon and yet they use local brands of nail polish - there's an additional fee if you request for an imported brand of nail polish.  Crazy, right?!  Benefits Salon manicure is PhP150 and their pedicure is PhP170.

I'm quite conscious now when it comes to my brows.  It's too thin and genetically shaped fugly.  My lack of knowledge to shape brows isn't much help either!  I've been growing my brows for about three weeks now so I can go to a brow salon to have it fixed again.  Good thing, Benefits Salon also offers brow threading for only PhP150!  The person that did my brows was Rica and shaped my brows perfectly.  Even Jheng commended her - to think that Jheng is my idol when it comes to brow shaping and eye makeup!  I'm so happy with the new shape of my brows!  I just hope I won't have problems shaping it in the next few days.

I also like the interior of the salon.  There are lights everywhere and the color combination screams girly!  Pink + Purple + Apple Green = Funky yet Girly!

I am definitely going back to this salon!  I love the service and I'm rest assured that I will not go home disappointed!

Benefits Salon is located at 2nd Floor Fashion Square Building, Eastwood CityWalk, Libis.

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  1. dark red pala yung polish =) i thought it was on more plum or dark violet shade =)


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