Nu-Pore Makeup Remover Tissue

The last time I wet to Duty Free, I saw this makeup remover on sale for USD1.  I've never tried makeup remover tissues before.  I guess, it was my assumption that they just won't deliver.  But since the item was on sale for a dollar, I grabbed a box.

So, Pond's also has a makeup remover of this kind!

wet wipe, much?

makeup transferred to the tissue

- affordable at USD1.00 only
- nice scent
- removes makeup efficiently
- one tissue is enough to remove makeup in the face
- leaves a cooling effect on skin
- the seal does the job of sealing and storing its freshness
- packaging it not bulky.  It's travel friendly

- not available locally (I've never seen this at department stores)
- it's so effective that my face feels a bit dry after wiping my face with it

Overall, I like it.  I'm guessing there are about 30 wipes inside the box.  I'm not so sure.  I don't use this all the time because I'm trying to save it because I don't know if I will ever find this product again.  I got this at Duty Free and it's not like I would go there any time just to get this makeup tissue.

If you know where I can this item locally apart from Duty Free, please let me know.  I'd really like to hoard on this!


  1. i have tried Pigeon Wipes (30sheets)80php Nursy Wipes (60+6sheets) 58php and currently trying Farlin Baby Wipes (30sheets) 42php and all these wipes works just fine

  2. Have you found it? I normally used either ponds or olay cleansing wipes which are also both not available here in the Philippines. I chanced upon Nu-Pore once at Rustans Sanctuario Forbes and I bought all their stocks. :) I can't seem to find it anymore. Hope you let me know if you're able to find some. Thanks!


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