My Birthday List

On one of my random talks with my mom, she asked me what I want for my birthday - not that she'd get me what I want.  Hehe.  It has always been one of the questions that was so easy to answer.  But the last time that she asked me, I actually had to think for a while and just told her that I'll get back to her.  I don't know what I want - for my birthday, that is.  Of course, I'm talking about gifts that are realistic.  I could always tell my mom that I want an all expense paid trip to Brasil.  But that isn't realistic as we speak.

It bothered me not being able to answer - good and bad.  Good because it seems that I am contented with what I have now; Bad because hello, I'm human.  You will always want something no matter what.

So, I decided to write down the things that I think I want for my birthday.  And it didn't happen in one sitting.  Jotting down the list happened randomly - during lunch, during a meeting, and just right after waking up to my alarm in the morning.

Let's start the list, shall we?

1. A new satchel/batchel. Just because I can never have one too many.  I know satchels are no longer a fad now, at least not as much in 2011.  But boy, oh boy, I still find myself gushing about satchels.  Really.  Of course, I prefer the sturdy ones from the fancy ones - except if it's a gold satchel.  That's another story.

Seriously, how can you not like this baby?

2. A new makeup brush set.  My almost 4 year old Charm Travel brush set is slowly giving up on me. Not only did I lose some of the brushes, the remaining brushes are, one by one, falling from its ferrules.  I tried to put them back together using Mighty Bond and it sticks for a couple of days or until I drop it again.  And yes, I have my MAC and Charm Pro brushes.  But I don't want to use them on a daily basis because they serve another purpose.  I alternate, yes.  But I still can't afford to use them on a daily basis.  I want to prolong their life span.  Seryoso nga.

14pc vegan brush set, I need you in my life.
photo from Beauty & Minerals

3. A new man watch. Yes, a man watch.  If you know me, you know how much I love men's watches.  I think I only have one woman's watch left.  The rest are oversized and for men, talga.  I know this is pure luho but I really, really want a new watch.  And how I wish that the watches that I want are cheap.  Pero hindi eh, they are always more than I can afford.  Say, my salary is X and the watch that I want is Zed.  Ganun kamahal.  This is why I said this is really luho talga!  I remember back in 2010 that I almost bought this watch in Chopard.  Good thing my bestfriend hit me in the head literally to see things in a bigger picture!

Oh, IWC Pilot, why do you have to be so damn guapo?

3 materials things that I can not afford at the moment.  Le sigh.

Aside from those 3 items, I'm praying for greater things this year!  This might be the last year that I'll be single so better make the most out of it!  I'm targeting to have a new investment this year.  I also wish that I'll be able to travel more this year (although this seems like a big shot this year because I'm not entitled to any leaves yet).  I want better health for me and more quality time with the fiancé.  Lastly, I want peace of mind.  Everything happens so fast now that sometimes I can't keep up or that my mind can't absorb it.

But you know what? Even if I don't get to have all those things this year or even in my lifetime.  It's okay cos I have L with me :)

Happy Friday, loves!


  1. I am an April baby too, the reason why I think we like the same things. I am wanting the vegan set like crazy! :)

  2. April baby ka rin? No wonder nga :)

  3. i want a new bag and brush set for my birthday too! but it's in May! :( I also wear my boyfriend's watch! I dont like to wear women's watch hehe x)

  4. yes dear you're right.. there were things that money cant buy but could give you much happiness ^_^


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