How I Apply Flawless Skin Whitening Kit*

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As promised, here are photos on how I apply the Skin Whitening Kit on my face.

First step, take a shower using Flawless whitening soap on your face and all over your body.

Here's a photo of me after taking a shower.

Third, rub toner all over you face.  That's my photo below after applying toner. 

 Here's a photo of the used cotton ball.  Dirty, eeeww.

Fourth, apply moisturizer all over your face.
I'm using VMV Creammy Rich Moisturizer.

Fifth, After one minute apply white Plus Cream. 

Sixth, after another minute apply Skin Protect Cream.

Lastly, apply DeCrease on your face.
Notice how much I put under my eyes.

And then you're good to go.

Repeat the same steps at night except for application of Skin Protect.  There's a lot of gunk that you put on your face but you will hardly feel this as the creams feel light once applied to your skin.  Also, be careful in applying DeCrease as it could make your face whiter than it already is.  Practice is the key :)

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Happy Tuesday!


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