Great Find at the 88 Store

Last week, I went to this Php88 store to buy magazine racks for work.  When I was about to pay, I saw something that caught my eye....

cotton buds case!

Look what's inside!
cotton buds, cotton pads, cotton ball
(sponge not included)

What makes this a great deal in my opinion is that it's 2 for PhP88 only!  I think that's a steal or at least good enough for the price!  And of course, the case is reusable!  It's perfect for makeup gigs! I used to put my cotton bugs, pads, and balls inside a Ziploc.  Well, Ziploc no more :)

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Happy Thursday, loves!


  1. You can replace the qtips here with the makeup qtips instead. :)

  2. Truee! Thanks for the suggestion! where do I buy it though? :)

  3. @epol apol: it really is a great find! I got it at the 88 store in Parksquare Makati ;)


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