Food Escapade at Cafe Juanita at the Fort

Lawrence and I had a random date last Saturday. We thought of having dinner at Tokyo Cafe at MOA but it was Pyromusical and it was so traffic.  So, we headed to BGC to see where we can have dinner.  Bubble tea was an option.  However, when we got there, we weren't so enticed with the menu so we walked to Burgos Circle.  Then, I thought of Cafe Juanita.

I love Cafe Juanita ever since I've learned about this restaurant (about a decade ago).  I especially like Dr Vasquez's concept, too.

So, on to our dinner.  Lawrence had a hard time choosing what to order cos he wanted to order a lot of entrees!  We ended up with the food below:


Crabmeat Rice

Crispy Binagoongan

Aligue Pasta

I always order aligue pasta every time I dine at Cafe Juanita!  It's THAT good!  Honestly, this is the best aligue pasta I have ever tried in Manila.  We weren't supposed to order crispy binagoongan but I talked Lawrence into it since I wanted to try Crabmeat rice.  Yes, most of the food was my order haha!

Our bill was almost PhP1,600.  It's a bit expensive if you would want to have dinner here frequently.  But the food is definitely worth it.  Lawrence wants to go back to try their other dishes.  Maybe next month!

Any food suggestion from Cafe Juanita?

Happy Sunday!

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  1. omg! Everything looks really good, especially the Singalay. Was the singalay spicy?

  2. Hi Chinkygirlmel! It's not spicy according to my boyfriend. I never got to taste it because I'm not a fan of veggies. But my boyfriend really really loved it :)


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