Ask Gem Anything | March 2012

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It's another last day of the month!  Time to answer questions!

1.  Where did you buy your Sephora mirror?  I've seen Judy of ItsJudyTime using one but I can't find it at Sephora's website!
     I got it in Sephora for free.  They don't sell that mirror that's why you won't be able to find it at the website.

2.  May grado ba yung contact lenses mo?
     Yep, meron :) 350, I think.

3.  Are you really engaged? Can you post a photo of you engagement ring?
     Yes, I am.  I'll think about posting the photo though.

4.  Do you also do hairstyling?
     I only know a common up-do and curling hair.  I'm thinking of taking a hairstyling class if it will fit my schedule.

5.  Hi! Ikaw ba yung girl sa Beauty Pro?
     Hi, yes that's me! Please buy a palette :)

6. Hi! May I know what products you use on your face? Foundation, primer, setting powder, skin care products. You're skin's so flawless. Thanks. :)
     Hey there. I use different brands of foundation.  Right now, I switch between MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC35 and Revlon Photoready in Cool Beige (?).  My current setting powders are Maybelline Mineral Foundation in Buff and Revlon Photoready powder in Light/Medium.  For primers, I use Stila's hydration primer once in a while.  But on regular days, I let Flawless sunblock as my primer already because I have too much gunk on my face already.  For skin care products, I'm still using Flawless whitening kit. Hope that helps :)

7.  Okay ba talaga ilakad ang DAS shoes mo?
     I would have to say yes despite its sky high heels.

8.  Do you work in Makati? I think I've seen you walking.
     Yes, so that's probably me!

9.  Sorry I sent an email. Nahihiya ako mag-comment.


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