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Last January, I found a cute pair of flip-flops at SM department store.  I wore flats that day cos I was supposed to be breaking them in since they were brand new.  But my god, it gave my feet blisters on the side and my feet hurt the whole time.  It wasn't because it was too small for me.  I had the right size.  But it really hurt the first time I used it.

And when I couldn't take it anymore, I looked around SM department store for the cheapest flip flops.  I mean, no need to splurge on slippers that I would be using temporarily (that night only).  I saw Banana Peel, Planet, and Toeberries.  The three brands were on sale but I settled for Toeberries because their slippers were the cheapest.  I got a pair for only Php60!

I wasn't really expecting it but I like it so much that I find myself looking for my Toeberries flip flops than my Havaianas!  So, what was supposed to be a temporary flip flops turned out to be my go-to flip flops.

Oh, and the designs are really cute, too!  Here's a photo of my first Toeberries flip flops:

Crazy Dave from Plant vs Zombies

When I went to SM Cubao last week, I decided to look around the mall first before heading to the parking lot for Banchetto.  We were actually looking for Toeberries for kids since my nephew likes my PvZ flip flops so much that he uses them when I'm at work! I kid you not!  He even tells me that it's for boys and not for girls, how cute!  However, we were unlucky to find Toeberries for kids.  But I found something else - that was on sale too!

Wonder Woman for Toeberries

When I bought my PvZ flip flops, I already saw the Wonder Woman flip flops but decided not to buy it because I was looking for the cheapest one.  If I remember correctly, the pair was about Php120 or something.  So, when I saw that it was on sale, I immediately bought it!  It's on sale for Php99.75.

Another detail that I love about the flip flops is this:

Wonder Woman pin

So, if you're looking for affordable, comfortable, and funky flip flops, try Toeberries!

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