Ray-Ban Eyeglasses in Cat Eyes*

I love plastic frames.  I don't think I will ever get tired of them and I will choose them over and over between steel frames.

And no, it's not because plastic frames are in.  I've been wearing plastic frames since high school.

I really wanted to get Oakley's Fate but the style I wanted has been phased out for years as per SA.  So, when I saw this and realized I looked like a librarian, I knew this is the new eyeglasses for me!

Consider it a tamed Lisa Loeb eyeglasses.  Hehe!

Cat Eyes Eyeglasses

design inside

Logo on the side

Ray-Ban eyeglasses/shades are available at Optical shops and leading department stores nationwide.


  1. I recently got this same pair of glasses but in the slightly bigger frames :D The design on the inside makes it more interesting!

  2. i don't wear eyeglasses but i'd like cat frame din if ever siguro :D

  3. @ Hazel: yeh cat frames are nice!

  4. Wearing that eyeglasses must be nice. The design looks good and you also look good in them.


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