Makeup Class at CCMA

Last Saturday, Sab and I attended a makeup class at CCMA.  It was all the way in QC and schedule time was 8AM.  But it was alright.  It's a makeup class!  The class lasted for about 4 hours and I really enjoyed it.

Here are some of the photos that I took from last Saturday's class.

I was a little too prepared for the personal makeup workshop.

Sab checking her eyeshadows

corporate look

evening look

another snapshot of the evening look

It was really, really fun!  Arlita, the MUA-teacher even said that I should consider professional make-up artistry already.  She also told me and Sab "yung makeup nyo hindi na hobby yan, pang professional na yan!"

If only time permits.  If only.  

You may check CCMA's (Cheryl Cabanos Makeup Academy) website for their makeup workshops.  They have available workshop on weekends in the morning and in the afternoon.

Until the next makeup workshop :)

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  1. Love the way you did your eyes :)

    Sai from dropping by :)

  2. how much is the fee for the course that you took? how about if you take the pro course... how much ang tuition fee? thanks!!!

  3. Hi Anonymous. You may contact CCMA for the makeup courses. Professional makeup artistry is about 25,000 in their school.

  4. hi, Gem..

    im planning to take a short course at CCMA (via ensogo promo deals worth php999) before i take up prof. course. Im a newbie thats why i dont have a complete tools for make up. They say they sell some at CCMA do you know how much?

    thanks alot,

  5. Hi Gesella,

    I'm not sure if they sell makeup tools there. But when I attended their class, they weren't selling any. The makeup instructor brought her own makeup and tools and some students just borrowed from her.


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