Frutti Froyo's Milk Tea

My fiancé and I went to Trinoma recently.  We went around the mall and got thirsty loitering.  We were looking for Chatime but to our dismay, there is no Chatime in Trinoma.  However, we saw Frutti Froyo.  It is located near Michael Antonio.  It was my fiancé that noticed their signage that they also offer milk tea.

So, we went inside to try their milk tea.  Their milk tea ranges from Php75-95 including sinkers.  That's quite a good deal considering that most milk tea chains sell their sinkers separately.

Royal Milk Tea with Passion Fruit Boba
Royal Milk Tea with Mango Boba

If you know me well or if we're friends on Foursquare, you'd always see me check-in at Chatime or at a milk tea place.  I love milk tea.  I love milk tea!

So, what's the verdict of Frutti Froyo's milk tea? It wasn't the best milk tea that I have tasted.  at 100% sugar without ice, it was still a bit bland?  Also, the bob a doesn't help in making it taste better.  If anything, it actually contributed a whole lot in making the milk tea taste weird.  Growing up, I've known boba to be sago.  Kudos to Frutti Froyo for creating a bob a of its own.  They boba is a round pulp which is kinda cool.  But when put in milk tea, it just doesn't do justice.

I haven't tried their frozen yogurt and I don't think I would want to.  I'm not a fan of yogurt and if ever I eat yogurt, I only eat yogurt from Pinkberry and Golden Spoon.


  1. I saw nga meron cla tea but havent tried it yet. By the way, if you are near SM Megamall there is CHA Time n... ;)

  2. hey keeza, yeh there's chatime na nga at sm megamall. I saw but I haven't gone there yet :)


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