Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender

We've heard the rave about the very famous Beauty Blender and how it keeps to wow those that have just discovered it.  I was one of those ladies that was so curious with the pink sponge but always decided against it cos of the very expensive price.

Beauty Blender costs Php1,495 here in Manila.

During last year's Super Sale Bazaar in Rockwell, I saw Beauty Cosmetics' booth and checked their products. And look what I saw:

Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender, Php400

This pink egg shaped sponge creates wonders.

Be careful not to scratch this hypoallergenic sponge.

effect of Beauty Blender on my face
I used Revlon Photoready liquid foundation

I am liking this pink sponge!  What they say is true that application is a breeze using this and the effect is a flawless, natural face!  Whenever I put foundation, one of my usual concern is whether I will be able to apply the foundation evenly.  The beauty blender does the job!  I've read from other blogs that this can also be used to put blush though I still haven't tried it.

One thing I don't like about the beauty blender is that it's difficult to clean.  I really had a hard time cleaning this especially drying it!  No exaggeration but it took about a week before it totally dried up.  It gets bigger when wet and it stayed about an inch bigger for a week.  I had to blow dry and heat it in the microwave oven for 5 seconds for it to dry.

The sponge also requires cleaning after every use.  So to those that do not clean their brushes regularly, you might want to think twice about purchasing this sponge.

Am I going to repurchase?  Maybe.  It comes in purple, too!  I'm also thinking of getting the original Beauty Blender as it comes with its own cleaner.  But not anytime soon.  Temporarily, I am okay with this because it does the job.

Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender is available online and at Hip Culture, Market Market.


  1. i have a beauty blending sponge from sephora and omg i have to agree. it's a pain to clean!

  2. Hi Kumiko! Isn't it such a hassle? My blender has permanent stains :(


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