Ask Gem Anything | February 2012

Hi, ladies! It's that time of that month again - time to share a few Q&A that I received!

1.  Have you tried eyelash extensions?  Where? Could you still put eyeliner? How do you remove eye makeup if you have eyelash extensions?
     Yes, I have. Several times actually!  I usually have my eyelashes done at i-Lash Salon.  I've tried this other salon in Megamall and it's okay, too.  You could still put eyeliner even if you have eyelash extensions and you can remove it by using a makeup remover that is water based.  But if you really want to use oil based makeup remover or cold cream, use cotton buds.

2.  Which EOS lip balm flavor is better?
     I have only tried Summer Fruit, the red one.  So, I can't really answer this question.

3.  Can you recommend a blush-on that can stay on the whole day? PhP150-180 lang ang range?
     I recommend Fashion 21's #1 blush on.  It's a really nice shade of pink.  I'm not sure how much it is now but back in 2007, it was about PhP100 only.

4.  Can you recommend a blush-on that stays on the whole day?
     I recommend Nars Orgasm or Ellana's Flirtation.  It stays on the whole day (on me) because I'm almost always inside the office.  If you really want super long lasting blush, go for cream blushes and then use a powder blush to set it.  Ewan ko lang kung matanggal pa yan hehe.

5.  Gumagamit ka ba ng local make-up?
     Yes, I do!  Actually, since I bought Ever Bilena lipsticks, I can't help but go around the beauty section of SM and check out local brand of makeup.  I'm just resisting to buy because I still have a lot of makeup that I need to use.

6.  Please post more fotds using the Naked2 palette.
     I will.  I want to.  I just don't have the perfect camera to take good shots of me wearing makeup.  I'm working on it.

7.  Kelan next blog sale?
     Soon.  Just check my blog from time to time.

8.  Anong bank ka nagwork?
     Your success is our business. The world's local bank.

9.  Where did you get your MAC nude eyeliner?
     I bought it in DFS, Hong Kong.  It's limited edition.  You might want to try Nichido's nude eyeliner since it looks promising.

10.  Na-try mo na po? (follow up question when I replied via SMS)
     Not yet since I don't own one and di pa ko sure if I want to buy once since mahaba pa yung MAC eyeliner ko.  But it looks promising naman.

11.  Ikaw ba yung "good morning sa iyo" Nescafe commercial?
     Noooooooooo!  For the nth time, hindi po ako yun :)

Happy February 29th!


  1. Love your answer to #8. I had to google my profile to answer a similar question a week ago. :)

  2. Hehe. Had to answer it that way so it wouldn't be too revealing :)


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