Tryin Out Kimono

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It's apparent that one of the latest craze today is the Kimono.  Of course, it's nice to have what's currently in style.  But sometimes, we have to be practical as well.  If you just want to wear a piece of clothing that's currently in, you don't need to shell out so much.  Like this kimono for example.  I've seen a kimono being sold in a department store for almost Php3,000.  No kidding.  And it was just a plain black kimono. Perhaps, it's the rent they pay for the space at the mall.  But still.

So, off to Online Shops I went surfed.  I was able to find a kimono at a very affordable price.  Bubbles sells kimono for Php400 only!! They have a lot of designs to choose from!

Bubbles Animal Print Kimono
Bubbles gray tassel necklace
Old Navy tank top | Mango shorts
HDY sandals

Apologies for the poor quality of photos and the lividness of my pose.  They were taken using an iPhone only.  Plus, I was wearing my eyeglasses the whole weekend cos my eyes were stingy from crying.

Happy Wednesday, ladies!


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