Feeling Neutral

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Recently, I've been buying clothes that I consider Fashyon.  I'm an employee.  Although, my employer does not require me to wear an office uniform, I am obviously required to wear corporate clothes.  So, buying Fashyon clothes is something that shouldn't be on my top list because I wouldn't be able to wear them often.

But of course, being the shopaholic that I am, I seemed, conquered, and hauled.  Haha.

Just like what Das Shoes told me about my astrological sign, I am a go-getter.

So, here's an outfit I wore during the holidays (I forgot if it was on the last day of 2011 or the first day of 2012).

Louis Vuitton Azure Neverfull MM

Love this candid shot!

Zara Basics top | skirt/belt from bazaar
DAS12 cream shoes

my date :)

World Traveller photo-op

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