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We've all heard about Benefit's BadGal Lash Mascara.  A lot of beauty bloggers have raved about it.  But They're Real! Mascara has been receiving a lot of praises as well.  Should I say, it has been raving? Haha!

When Benefit's flagship store opened in Manila last 15 December 2011, I decided to purchase this mascara all because it is newer than Bad Gal.

So what's my verdict?  Let's see the photos first.

actual brush

as seen on the brush

side view; lashes uncurled

top view

on both eyes

Panda eyes after a few hours

I like this product because it delivers when it comes to volume and length.  It does emphasize my lashes and curl them a bit without even using an eyelash curler.  It has a unique brush which has its cons and pro.  Uniqueness is both a pro and con because you can hardly use the top brush cos it's filled with mascara.  What I hate most about this product is that it gives me Panda eyes a few hours after application.  I checked on some reviews about this mascara and this was mentioned several times.  Even with the Bad Gal lash, it was mentioned as well.  Another turn off about this product is that it's expensive.  For a mascara that gives you Panda eyes, it shouldn't cost Php1,200.

To those who want to adopt this baby and try their luck, please let me know.

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  1. Good thing i saw and read this post,I know some beauty blogger she always promoting this stuff and i thought super ganda cuz it's mahal di pala siya naglalast ng matagal.Not worth buying for. =)


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