Ask Gem Anything | January 2012

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I think it's about time I start posting some of the questions I received from people that have visited my blog.  Questions were asked on Facebook and e-mail.

It's fun answering these questions!  I think I'll do this once a month - last day of the month to be exact :)

1.  What's your MAC shade?
     I'm NC30 but ever since I went to the beach back in 2009, it seems like I haven't gotten back my normal skin tone.  I'm also acidic that my face turns really really light a few hours after putting on makeup.  I recently purchased NC35 and I hope it will blend well on my skin.

2.  What shade do you recommend for morenas?
     I'm really not sure.  I would need to see a photo.  But perhaps NC42 and up would do.

3.  What happened to
     I purchased my own domain last year and decided not to renew it because I wanted to transfer it to  However, I'm having a hard time transferring it to the point that it already expired.  I tried to register it but apparently, is reserved for me until December 2012.  I'm thinking of switching and registering this blog as instead but I'm still having a hard time appreciating the ".com"

4.  Please post your lipstick collection lalo na yung pink lipsticks!
     I will when I get the chance to!  But I promise to post it!

5.  What's your height?
     Haha!  I can't believe I got this question!  I'm short.  I'm only 5'2"

6.  Where do you work?
     I work for a bank.  Let's leave it at that.


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