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I've always been curious about E.L.F.'s lipsticks because of its affordable price.  It's also the same reason why I haven't bought their lipstick until Thanksgiving day.  I shell on on YSL and Shu Uemura lipsticks because I know they deliver.  Paying Php1,500+ for one lipstick is no joke.  But spending on a lipstick that is less than Php200 is no joke either.

Everytime I go to a department store and see E.L.F.'s station, I would always as in always swatch they lipsticks but would never buy.  But when everything had a discount on Thanksgiving day, I finally decided to buy them.  The boyfriend helped me in choosing what shades to get.

E.L.F. lipstick in Voodoo (red one) and Classy (pink one)
lipstick swatches (without flash)

Classy and Voodoo on my lips

Voodoo stain on my cup

- available at leading department stores
- affordable - only Php129.75
- no weird scent
- color pay off is good
- convenient packaging as you can see the shade from the outside
- Voodoo feels like a satin lipstick while
- Classy somewhat feels like lustre

- only four shades to choose from (Classy, Voodoo, Seductive, Gypsy)
- poor staying power
- somewhat hard to apply; doesn't glide smoothly
- poor packaging; kind of difficult to turn
- easily stains on anything the lip touches
- requires retouch every time your lips will touch something
- Voodoo feels like a satin lipstick while
- Classy somewhat feels like lustre

Even though these lipsticks do not deliver like my other lipsticks, I still like them.  It's most likely because of the shades.  I really really like Voodoo because it's not bluish red.  It's kind of dark red actually in person.  And I prefer that kind of red then bright red.  As for Classy, I also like how its shade screams sweet and sexy at the same time.  The shade somewhat reminds me of MAC's Please Me - only it's not in matte.  But of course, I really hate the staying power or the lack thereof.

I'm not sure if I will buy this item again but as of the meantime, I enjoy using it.  For those that do not mind retouching lipsticks every so often, then you might want to try this lipstick.  The available shades are really nice.

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  1. calling all lipsticks addict there =) this elf lippie would perfectly fit your budget! thanks ms gem for the review


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