EOS Lip Balm

If you notice, the makeup that mostly comprises of this blog is lipstick. I love lipstick with all my heart that even saying that a million times does not justify it. There's just something about lipsticks that make me want it even more and more.

If I'm into lipsticks, then of course I might be putting something on my lips prior to lipstick application. I have several lip balms, lip erase, and lip primers. But I never had a favorite.

Not until I met EOS lipbalm!

I've been using it since August and I haven't used any of my lip balms ever since. I really really love this product because it makes my lipsticks stay longer (particularly my NYX lipsticks).

I totally recommend this product to all lippie junkees out there!

EOS lip balm is available at Digital Traincase.

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  1. I never thought I'd love a not-so-glam lipbalm {kasi it's more cute than glam, right?} but I do! I super love EOS! :D

  2. Youre right! It's more cute than glam! ;)


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