Beauty Pro Cosmetics and Charm Brushes at Moonlit Bazaar

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In case you haven't dropped by the Moonlit Bazaar yet, today is the last day for this week!

Please drop by!  They have a pretty good selection.. as always!

Please do not forget to drop by the booth of BeautyPro Cosmetics, Beauty & Minerals, and Digital Traincase!

Beauty Pro Cosmetics offers you two great palettes, the Sweet and Smokey palette and the Crazy Color palette!  Brigitte Santos is the brain behind these two awesome palettes

Beauty & Minerals offers mineral make-up and the ever famous Charm brushes - brought to you by Sophie Uy!

Digital Traincase caters to your NYX makeup fixation! Thank you Sol!

Lastly, you will get a free makeover from Brigitte when you purchase a Beauty Pro Cosmetics palette!  Trust me, she really knows how to prettify people!

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  1. Haven’t
    dropped by the Bazaar yet. Geez, I think I missed many things!

    ~Pauline @


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