Review: Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette

After a week of deciding what palette to get, I finally decided on getting Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette in GD886.  I've asked the sales assistant in SM Makati which is the bestseller and she showed me two palettes. I don't remember what the other palette it but the shade is somewhat similar to GD886.

And just my luck, Majolica Majorca Jeweling Palettes were on sale for the month of October!  Palettes were 20% or you can buy the Jeweling Palette and their pencil eyeliner for Php1,000.00 only.

Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette in GD886

Palette up-close

The palette comes with a make-up tutorial and is numbered from 1 (lightest) to 4 (darkest). I decided to follow the instructions and used the applicator that came with it to see how the tutorial will fare with my usual application.

How to apply: (Majolica Majorca's make-up tutorial)
  1. Use thick tip and apply Jeweling Color to the inner eye corner and under the eyebrow.
  2. Use the thick tip and apply Nuance Color to the eyelid up to the eye socket.
  3. Use the thin tip and apply Shadow Color from the outer eye corner to the middle of the eyelid.
  4. Use the think tip and apply Line Color along the upper lash line and to one-third of the lower lash line from the outer eye corner.

And the result..

barely there effect

the no make-up make-up

  • cute packaging
  • light weight and can fit to your purse
  • wide variation of palettes to choose from
  • buildable color (hoping)
  • come with a make-up tutorial

  • very shimmery
  • eye applicator is difficult to use
  • not very pigmented
  • make-up tutorial is in Japanese
  • quite expensive as it retails at Php795.00

I actually thought I was going to love this on my first try.  As it turns out, I am quite disappointed with this palette.  I never knew until today that Majolica Majorca eyeshadows are not pigmented.  Sure it might be buildable but I would prefer if one swipe from the eyeshadow to my lids would be enough.  Also, the make-up tutorial is in Japanese so I had to analyse it on my own.  I just don't understand why it's not visible on the camera.  The fiance loves it so much on my eyes.

However, this is just an initial review.  I will still be using this palette and re-review this again.  But next time I'll be using my Urban Decay Primer in Greed. It's an eye primer in gold and is suggested to be used for shimmery eyeshadows.  I hope I won't be disappointed when I used them together.


  1. Just to set expectations,most Japanese Shadows are sheer madam and are usually shimmery.If you prefer pigmented ones,invest in MAC or western brands.Ty

  2. Hi anonymous, thanks for your comment. But i think it was clear in my post when i said that i didnt expect it to be THAT sheer. After all there are two dark shades in the palette. And ive actually seen real people use this palette and it was pigmented on their eyes.

  3. Hi~ I know it's kind of late, but you can try using a good eye primer to make sheer colors apply much more brightly to the eye. I currently use Urban Decay Primer Potion!


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