I Love The School of Satchel

As I've said in my previous post, I have been lemming for a satchel for several months now.  And it was only this month that I finally satisfied my lemming.  I try to use my satchel as often as I can.  I even compromise what I wear with the satchel at times.  That's how much I'm loving them satchels.

I went on a "date" with my mom and L one day and was finally able to take photos of myself wearing the satchel!

15" distressed gray satchel from SoS (L uses it with my MacBook Pro inside)
11" tan satchel from SoS

Mango shades | Forever 21 blouse
H&M leather belt | Hollister denim shorts
Aldo wedges

photo with my mom

Animal print earrings and connector ring from Super Sale Bazaar

Believe it or not, it was my mom that insisted to take photos of me in Greenbelt.  She loves photo ops anywhere and everywhere at any given time.  We took more than 10 photos which she uploaded on FB. Oh, with different poses too - think ANTM.  No kidding.  But I'm still shy to post those kind of photos.

If you're thinking of buying a satchel, I suggest you buy one from SoS.  It does not go out of style.  It's 100% genuine leather.  It's Filipino made.  Most of all, the owner is super nice!

Have a great Tuesday, ladies!


  1. inggit! :)

    super pretty satchel. i'd be getting that color too if given a chance..

    FABULOSA si mother sis ;) love it!

  2. Go buy. Belle! It's worth it :) Parang ate lang si mommy ko haha

  3. YOu look great! and your mom looks so young :)

  4. Chi is the best! I really love how she tied up with a charity to donate school bags for every satchel purchased.

    A from A Plus B in the Sea


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